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Thursday, October 30, 2014

A favor...

I noticed the other day that a few people who I don't know are subscribing to my youtube channel, which really creeps me out as I don't know why they'd want to follow the *boring* videos I post of my little guys.

So, after spending almost an hour on my youtube page this afternoon, I finally figured out how to block them (youtube doesn't make it easy) and I decided to make all of my videos private at the same time.

So if you have any interest in keeping up with the Cohens via youtube, I ask that you follow a few simple steps and become a subscriber to my channel so I can keep the creeps out and the trusted friends and fam in ;-)

1. go to youtube.com
2. search for Chanel Cohen
3. my channel should pop up (you'll recognize me and baby Hayes in my thumbnail). Click on that.
4. there's a bright red "subscribe" button in the upper right hand corner. Click on that.
5. Subscribe!

Fair warning, when I upload videos, you'll get an email alerting you that there's a new one on the channel. I'm sure there's some setting where you can opt out of the emails, although knowing youtube, it's probably impossible to find. But I tend to upload a bunch at a time so every few months, you might get a string of emails letting you know there's new content on the site.

We've been celebrating Halloween all week long and will cap off the festivities tomorrow with a trick or treat with friends. Santa and his elf have both been a big hit and although Greyson is completely oblivious as to why we've chosen to humiliate him in this manner, Hayes is embracing Halloween and has already pulled in quite a haul of candy (which Mom and Dad are enjoying after he goes to sleep!).

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hayesisms and Greyisms...


Visiting Endeavor at The California Science Center on a day-date with Mama...
...he has become OBSESSED with these strange videos on youtube where real humans show off their little Peppa Pig and Doc McStuffins figurines (and apparently he's not the only one since some of these vids have over 7MM views!). It doesn't matter if they're in English, French or Spanish, he will spend hours if we let him, completely engrossed in them.

...it's because of those videos that Peppa Pig bath squirt toys are on his Christmas list. But what's his number 1 item, you ask? Oh, just a mini freezer for his bedroom!
...he throws Mike the Knight a birthday party with his nanny, Lauren on a daily basis.
...he's obviously listening to the radio and taking it all in. A few weeks ago, I heard him quietly singing Taylor Swift's "Shake it off!" to himself.
...the only way we can get him to voluntarily eat his vegetables is if we use some reverse psychology and say, "don't eat that carrot or you'll grow too big!". He'll then shove it in his mouth and stand up on his tippy toes, saying "I'm growing, I'm growing!"
...he's become a little more gentle with his little brother as of late and when Grey does something cute, like give him a kiss, he'll look at him and say "Awww!", the way an adult would do to a child. He's also taken to picking Grey up and physically moving him away from whatever he doesn't want him into - a little scary but Grey doesn't seem to mind!

...he's still very concerned with time. When we were in Scottsdale last weekend, the first morning he woke up and said, "We've had one sleepover so we have 3 more." He asks me everyday if I'm going to work or if he has swim and then asks me how many days it will be until those things will happen again.


...he's currently getting his top 4 front teeth. It's been a long month!
...he LOVES open mouth kisses. He'll attack you as if he's trying to eat your face, laughing the whole time as you try to dodge the slobber.

...speaking of kisses, his cousin Gus gave him a nice gentle kiss last weekend when we were in Scottsdale and it was love at first sight. Grey could not get enough of him, as evidenced by the photo below...

...he definitely knows who his family is and will look in the direction of the person you ask him about, including Greta. When Grant or I get home from work, he sprint-crawls over to us, squealing with delight. We think his first word might have been Dada as he uttered it over and over again en route to go see Grant one night when he came home. 
...he is into everything disgusting you can think of - toilets, trash cans, feminine hygiene products (unused, of course). If we lose sight of him for a second, he's beelined it to the bathroom.
...he still loathes the car and is only quiet while driving when he's sleeping or eating.
...he's a super happy guy until he's not. He definitely has a bit of a temper, that one!

9 month photos - click here!
10 month photos - click here!
11 month photos - click here!
Make sure to click on the links below the above pictures for photos from the past few months. Can't believe our next milestone for Grey is 1 year!

And here are some snaps from the last couple of months, including our weekend in Scottsdale for my sister Whitney's amazing wedding...

Swimming with Pa...
Two thumbs up for the first day of school as a Sea Lion at Green Beginning!
Even sick with Roseola, this little guy tried to keep a smile on his face...
Mama/Daddy/Hazey date night for the Giants game... It took us 2 HOURS to get there fighting LA traffic and we lost, but it was still a fun night!
I think it's time to get a bigger slide for the back yard...
This guy LOVED the beach!
My boys...
Hayes and his best friend, Theo at the aquarium at The California Science Center...
Ring Security for Wee Wee and Ryan's wedding...
With the littlist ring-bearer...
TOMS for days (apparently the boys lined the shoes up like this themselves when they got home from the wedding - ha!)...
The blushing bride-to-be...
First look for father and daughter...
Pep talk from Grant before their big duties...
It was really nice of Hayes to ruin yet another family picture!
First dance...
Canadian Thanksgiving at the club - so thankful for my amazing family ;-)
Note the watch...
Happy wedding weekend sissy ;-)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bachelorette Ending Badly...

Wow, where oh where to begin? 

I've been a bit silent as of late on this 'ole blog and for that, I apologize. The last couple of weeks have been a little crazy, what with travel schedules and sicknesses and just overall life in general getting in the way. I'm finally coming up for air and wanted to give y'all an update on the happenings as of late.

The last time I posted, I was very much looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend away in one of my favorite vacation destinations, Los Cabos. For my sister's bachelorette party, instead of a penis-filled weekend of debauchery in Vegas, she decided a trip to a tropical locale where the only thing we needed to worry about was where our next margarita was going to come from was in order. I happily obliged, planning a wonderful getaway with our Quintess host, Prem for seven gals and one gent (who's probably girlier than any of us - love you, Curtis!), filled with yummy dinners, spa treatments and a little bit of touristy fun at the local bars. Whitney, who's hasn't had the most carefree engagement for a variety of reasons, needed this vacation more than anyone and we were all excited to get to Mexico, change into our swimsuits and park our asses poolside for 3-4 days to celebrate her upcoming nuptials.

The trip was great - house was perfect for our group, everyone got along, Whitney had fun and got some much needed R&R and by the time I left on Sunday, I was relieved that the vacation went off without a hitch and that the bachelorette was a success.

Yep, that's a penis on Penny's head...
The Surviving Odile crew...

And then that bitch Odile, a category 4 hurricane, decided to join the party on Sunday evening and make a real muck of everything. It's easy to look back now and make light of the situation (especially for myself, who luckily escaped Cabo on one of the last flights out) but Sunday - Wednesday of last week were some of the longest days of my life. 

When we booked the vacation, half of us planned on leaving on Sunday (kids and jobs to get back to) and the other half planned on leaving on Monday so they could luxuriate one more day with the bride-to-be. We were told before we left on Thursday that there was some bad weather heading Cabo's way so wanting to keep our options open, we booked a few one-way tickets back on Sunday for those staying, to have just in case. Well on Saturday, the storm changed it's path and it looked like Cabo was in the clear so we promptly called the airlines and canceled the one-way tickets (mistake #1). After all, we weren't going to cut the vacation short on account of a little rain!

Sunday morning, I awoke to an email from our host, telling us that the storm looked like it was, in fact, headed straight to Cabo and advising us to all try and get out on flights that day. Unfortunately, it was too late - all of the flights were now either sold out or canceled so those with Monday flights were SOL. I left my mother, sister and 3 others at the house with a couple 35 packs of water, a bit of food, a lot of wine and some nervous jokes about enjoying the hurricane party.

It wasn't until I touched down in LA and saw some footage of the rain that my sister had posted that I began to panic. If the rain and wind was that strong 10 hours before the hurricane was officially supposed to hit, what was it going to look like that night? 

I kept in touch throughout the day and enjoyed their instagram posts about surviving Odile and Jesus candles. I went to bed that night feeling so guilty that I had left them there - not that I could have done anything, but I had wished that I had made them come to the airport or thought about taking them to a hotel, or given them a tighter hug when I said goodbye.

The storm hit Cabo at 10:45pm. At that moment, they were {smartly} all huddled in a bathroom, trying to sleep in the shower. The glass wall leading out to the pool was sucked out of it's frame. The fire alarm was going off. The electricity had gone off hours before and windows were shattering. They must have been terrified.

The next morning, they awoke to a completely raged house. Knowing that Quintess owned 14 others in the development, they went from house to house to assess the damage and see if there was somewhere better for them to stay. They ended up running into another couple who owned two houses that suffered far less damage and they graciously let them stay in one of them while everyone tried to figure out next steps. At this point, we were still in contact with them through a phone line at the security gate. They checked in every couple of hours and we tried to rebook them on the next flights out - having no idea when the airport would even reopen (we were told 10/10 by one source and that's looking pretty realistic now). 

Monday night, we lost contact with them. None of the phones were working anymore. I kept getting updates from another group of people who had friends staying in a ballroom at the Westin and it wasn't looking good. No one had any idea whether the roads were drivable. We explored every single option we could (private plane, helicopter rescue mission, you name it!) and started to panic when we realized that even if we were able to find a way out for them, we had no way of communicating the plan to them.

Finally, on Tuesday evening, my dad got word that they were being air lifted on a Aero Mexico commercial jet by the Mexican military to Mexico City, where they then spent the night and caught the first flight out to LAX on Wednesday morning. Ordeal finally over, right? Wrong. Some man goes into cardiac arrest on the flight and my sister, a nurse, is trying to revive him as they land the plane; the man, a 69 year old veteran traveling with his wife of 45 years, dies on the way to the hospital in Mexico City. I couldn't make this up.

So needless to say, when I saw my mom and sister at the airport on Wednesday morning,  the tears were flowing and I think we were all feeling relief like we'd never felt before. We're so grateful to the entire Quintess team, who took such excellent care of our group while they were stranded. It makes me so sad to think about what has happened to one of my favorite places and I hope it's able to recover quickly. It boggles my mind that the US news has barely covered what's been going on there; there are still thousands of people stranded and the situation is bleak.

Moral of the story is, I think the Mailloux girls are done with bachelorette parties in Mexico (my bachelorette ended with half of our group getting seriously ill, which pales in comparison to this!). Good thing Whitney's the last to be married off!