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Friday, July 14, 2017

Bucket List Update...

Update on the Cohen Fam Summer Bucket List...

We've made some progress and while we still have quite a bit to do in the 32 days left of summer (but really, who's counting?), we've actually accomplished quite a bit.

In all seriousness though, we quickly fell into a relaxed summer routine and I'm sort of dreading going back to school. The early mornings, the homework. The fact that it'll mean that we'll have a 1ST GRADER!! I wish we could be in the lazy days of summer forever... with camp involved of course. There has to be some sort of camp.
Happy birthday 7-11...
And while the boys go back to school on August 15th, (Henny Bear doesn't start her academic career until September 1st) I'm actually going to keep moving through the summer bucket list well after the first day of school. We booked tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream in September and have an outdoor movie excursion planned for October. Indian Summer (which we have big time here in LA in September and October) is still considered Summer, right?

Here's what else we've knocked off our list this summer:

We watched fireworks on the 4th of July and had a bunch of friends over for a BBQ...
We went to the beach...
We spent all day in our swimsuits...

Hayes is learning to ride his bike...
Greyson finished his last day of GBCP Summer Camp (and last day at that school ever - sob!). It also happened to be 'Costume Day', so what better choice is there than a fleece fireman's number in 85 degree heat?
And although I don't have pictures, we had a picnic at a park (I'm not really sure how this even made the list as it's something we do almost every weekend!).

Next up, we head to Cape Cod on Sunday to visit with the Kelly clan and Nana and Papa. 
Wish us luck on the hellish day of travel we have ahead - we're gonna need it!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

No Kids, No Rules...

This past weekend, Grant and I took our first trip sans kids since Henley was born. 
Yep, you read that right: Our first trip solo in 17 months.
And it was pretty damn great!

We figured we'd ease the grandparents into being outnumbered for the first time by choosing a locale that was close enough to go to for 24 hours. We wanted something that seemed far away and off the grid but that didn't require a long drive and certainly not a flight. Enter Calimigos Guest Ranch in Malibu, which fit the bill perfectly!

We left first thing Friday morning after the various camp drop-offs for the boys, driving along the coast on PCH through Malibu, until eventually veering off that stretch of cloudy overcast shoreline and entering a whole different part of Malibu I didn't even know existed.

This place was magical. You feel like you were stepping into a tree house - but a fancy one that offers complimentary champagne at check-in, lush poolside loungers, lavender spray in the bed kit and a bottle of wine from their onsite winery with a handwritten welcome note. They've spared no detail and it's decorated in the most adorable way, with chandeliers hanging from the trees, little potted succulents everywhere and cute upholstered chairs positioned right where you might want to stop and take a little rest. Each guestroom was it's own little cabin; you felt like you were staying at a fancy camp. We barely saw anyone else (the biggest mystery of the whole weekend, where the hell was everyone??) and it was just this secret hidden gem that was so perfect for what we were looking for.
The lobby...

We spent most of the time poolside - reading, eating, drinking. On Friday afternoon, we ventured up the street to Malibu Wines and did their safari wine tasting tour, which I'd bought Grant for his birthday 6 months ago and after a quick pit-stop back at the hotel for some hot tub cocktails, we went next door to Malibu Cafe for dinner.
Since the grandparents seemed happy to stay until Saturday evening, we were in no rush to get back and even managed to squeeze in a movie on Saturday afternoon (The House - got TERRIBLE reviews on rotten tomatoes, but entertaining enough!).

It was the perfect 24 hour getaway and we returned rested and refreshed, ready to take on the 4th of July shenanigans.
Thank you again, Nini and Pa for watching our brood. We owe you one!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bucket List Update...

Knocked a few more things off the 'ole Summer Bucket List this past weekend; some small items, like Family Movie Night (we watched the Lego Batman movie for the umpteenth time) and have a picnic (our backyard was being re-landscaped so we needed to escape the house) and a bigger item as well, the Griffith Observatory (which I never need to go back to!).

In all honesty, it was kind of an annoying weekend, where Grant and I looked at each other multiple times and asked, "why do we do this to ourselves?". The original plan was to go up to Angels Camp to see the Greats but they're going through a serious heatwave right now so they suggested finding another weekend in the summer to come up, when the kids could partake in more outdoor activities that wouldn't require enduring 100+ temperatures.
looking through the telescope backwards...
Since we had the days pretty much cleared work-wise, we decided to try to do a big bucket list item, hence the decision to go to the Observatory. We've lived in LA for 14 years and have never gone, which seemed insane. So we loaded the car up with the kids, picked up lunch along the way and drove the 45 minutes up the hill to the iconic landmark. Problem is, Henley HATES the car, so 45 minutes feels like 4 hours with her screaming the entire time. Parking is a logistical nightmare, there are about a thousand people there (seriously, did we miss something? I don't get it) and the museum itself feels super dated. Sure, we had a nice lunch with amazing views but the whole thing was a tedious snoozefest that I'm not looking to repeat anytime soon.
Greyson covering his eyes as he did not want to see any stars...
See that Hollywood sign in the distance? That was probably the most exciting thing we saw...
Silly boys... are we the only parents who have resorted to bribing our kids to take good pictures?
At least we managed to get a decent picture of the fam!
Since we'd scheduled our landscaping to take place over the weekend, we wanted to be away from the house as much as possible, so we decided to head down to Laguna on Saturday morning with the intention of spending the day at the beach and the night at Nini and Pa's house.
We went to the beach - for half an hour, while the boys played in the freezing cold water under cloudy skies - then followed that up with tortilla soup at Avila's el Ranchito (delicious, but not really my idea of a beach day, if you will). Henley flat out refused to sleep in the car on the way down or in the pack n play at the grandparents so after an afternoon swim, we decided to cut our losses and head back up to LA.
Check out those pig tails...
I insisted that we stop at Balboa Island en route to make the schlep down to Orange County seem somewhat worth it and after inhaling some balboa bars and chocolate dipped frozen bananas, we went for a quick stroll (that place is seriously adorable, if you haven't been), bought the boys some souvenirs (Greyson got a huge plastic shark - Mr. Sharky Shark, he's calling it - and Hayes purchased his first mood ring, which I'm a bit embarrassed to say I've probably worn more than him - turns out I'm always in a state of perpetual calmness - who knew?!) and headed back up to LA.
Frozen chocolate dipped bananas, maybe Greyson's favorite thing ever...
The boys had a sleepover in their tent in their room and Grant and I enjoyed some take-out from a fave Italian place we frequent, Brunello Trattoria. And even though the day's activities seemed like a fools errand, we made the best of it and I'm happy to report everyone had a good sleep that night, which was the whole intention of returning home in the first place!
Boys started camp this week, Hayes at Iverbe Sports Camp and Greyson at GBCP. I've never seen Hayes so enthusiastic about a camp, which is so refreshing and makes my heart swell hearing him talk about how much fun he's having. Grey's having fun too, but that was to be expected since his camp is really just an extension of his pre-school at one of our favorite places. 

So far, Summer is off to a great start!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Summer Bucket List 2017...

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the 2017 Cohen Family Summer Bucket List!
We're pretty excited about this year's list and I'm feeling confident that we'll be able to knock most of these items off of it by the time September rolls around.

We've already checked off a few...

A visit to the Skyzone Trampoline Park...
Ice cream after dinner...
(we'll repeat this one since this particular event was from a date night Hayes and I had and I want to be able to include the whole family)

Waterballoon fight...

What am I most excited for, you ask?

...G&C getaway to Malibu
...Go to an outdoor movie
...Museum of Ice Cream
...Lake Arrowhead
...Cape Cod
...Have the unicorn melt at Chomp
(this has zero to do with summer but looks effing awesome)

Hayes is most excited to sleep at Nini and Pa's solo... And also to come to work with me, which isn't physically on the list due to a momentary brain fart, but I'm going to do my darndest to make happen at some point this summer.

We were supposed to go to Angel's Camp this weekend but alas, the earth is burning and the forecast seems a little toasty so Grant's grandparents suggested we skip the adventure. We're super bummed, although a little relieved to not have to deal with a screaming Henley in the car for 12+ hours. Instead, since we're having some landscaping done this weekend and want to escape our house, we're going to head down to Laguna instead and spend some time beachside.

I'll try and keep y'all updated on our bucket list progress, but I think it'll keep us nice and busy this summer ;-)