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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7 and 8 month Photos...

I'm very delayed in posting Greyson's 7 month pictures... So delayed, in fact, that I already have the 8 months one to share as well, so without further ado, please enjoy!

{click on the link below the photos to access the pics on a lady's photos}

7 month photos!

8 month photos!
I really can't get enough of either of my guys right now. Turns out 3 1/2 years and 8 months are pretty awesome ages and we are enjoying every minute.

Greyson is a crawling machine. He went from showing the classic signs of being ready to crawl to taking off across the room seemingly overnight and wasted no time perfecting other skills like going from crawling to sitting, pulling up on tables and in his crib and trying to stand whenever he can. Something tells me he won't be on all fours for very long, even though he started a full 3 months before his big brother did.

He is such an easy going and happy baby, constantly smiling and "talking", which consists of repeated short screams and lots of blabber. He's also started making this strange, guttural sound in his throat that makes him seem slightly possessed, so that's been interesting.

Hayes continues to make us laugh on a daily basis with the things that come out of his mouth. He is a sharp and observant fellow, constantly outsmarting us and making it harder to fib reasons why he can't do things. He's had a little bit of separation anxiety with his mama lately - not sure if it's because he's a bit threatened by his little brother's new crawling status or because of the change in schedule over the summer vs. the normal routine - but we're getting through it and although it's hard sometimes, I'm also kind of enjoying this time when I'm #1 in his eyes, because lord knows, it won't last forever!

Hayes and Theo at the Green Beginning Talent Show...

Our big news of the summer is that he's learning how to swim. He's been taking private lessons with his buddy Theo and is doing great! We're 4 lessons into a 12 lesson package and he's already floating on his back sans life preserver and doing "sleeping fish" like a pro. We're hoping that by the time we go up to Sonoma with my parents in August that he'll have the basics down so we can spend the weekend practicing our new life skill.

Keep your eyes peeled for a swimming post to follow - we couldn't be prouder of our little fish ;-)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

FOJ Recap

We had a great FOJ weekend - one of the best we've had since becoming parents. I think we finally accepted the fact that America's birthday isn't the excuse to rage like it once was and have adapted our expectations to be a little more family-friendly ;-)
Hey! Don't forget about me!!
We headed down to Laguna Beach first thing Friday morning so Greyson could catch a snooze in the car and we could avoid any potential traffic. After getting settled at Nini and Pa's, we headed over to our friend Lizzie's parents house, where we swam for a bit before enjoying a delicious spread of sausages, dogs, various salads and the aforementioned PB chocolate chip cookies Hayes and I baked the day before.

The view wasn't too shabby...
FOJ Farmers Market sausages...
Ollie and Hayes...
Greyson and Clara...
After lunch, we walked down to their private beach (a beach within walking distance is an amazing thing when you have sandy kiddos!) and let the kids play around for a couple hours. Hayes is brave enough now that he'll go into the water, which is so fun to watch, but also a bit terrifying at the same time. And Greyson hung out on the blanket with Mama, who tried to minimize the amount of sand he put in his mouth.

These two look like they're plotting to take over the world...
My happy little chunk...
Flirting with Clara...
Best buds...
Beach tickles...
We headed back to Nini and Pa's and had enough time to sneak in a quick hot tub, before giving the kids outdoor showers and getting Greyson down. Hayes wasn't going down without seeing some fireworks, so we let him hang with us while we made dinner and caught the show from the pool. Hayes' favorite? "All of them, Mama!" He is his father's son!

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed back up in LA. Our babysitter bailed on us last minute for Saturday night so we had a nice evening at home and hung around the house on Sunday, celebrating National Fried Chicken Day with a family dinner out at Roscoe's (stay classy!).
Impromptu dance party...
Al fresco apps from East Borough...
Loving our summer nights...
An LA institution...
The huz and I are headed to Palm Springs this weekend for an adults-only getaway while Nini and Pa watch the boys. So looking forward to working on my summer tan, sleeping in on Sunday and kicking Grant's butt at Gin Rummy ;-)

Oh and in other news, this is happening at our house now:

Scary how quickly he picked up on that whole crawling thing. And our nanny said he pulled himself up onto the coffee table yesterday! Slow down buddy!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Birthday 'Merica!

Hard to believe that the 4th of July is already here... how are we already through half of 2014?!?

We decided to stay local this year (well, kind of local...) since we had so many other mini-weekend trips planned throughout the summer. Through years passed, we've found that LA isn't exactly the most family friendly locale, so we decided to head on down to Orange County to spend the holiday at Nini and Pa's empty pad (they're in Chicago visiting Aunt V) for a staycation of sorts.

I'm getting a kick start on my long weekend this afternoon, picking up Hayes from camp and spending a few hours with him while the babe is with the nanny. First item of business will be heading to Sweet Rose Creamery for an afternoon ice cream treat ;-)

We're going to spend the 4th with some friends who's parents have a place within walking distance to the beach in Laguna and we're on the hook for some side dishes and dessert for our 'linner' we're having tomorrow. I have been dying for an awesome peanut butter cookie for the past couple of weeks so the boy and I plan on making our favorite recipe from Gwynnie's book (with the addition of some chocolate chips!) and bringing a batch of them with us down south.

The weekend calls for nothing more than some good eats, logging some solid hours in the pool and at the beach and relaxing with our family and friends (plus a date night for Mom and Dad on Saturday!). Oh and hopefully some awesome fireworks, of course!

In honor of throwback thursday (#tbt), I'll leave you with a retrospective of Hayes celebrating the holiday throughout the years, as well as a classic video of him icing his Uncle Pat (it was all the rage in 2011)...
Hayes at 4 months (can you say awkward phase?!), 16 months and 2 years...
Hope you have a good one!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We're going places over here...

...and by 'we', I mean Greyson, who spent his weekend desperately trying to perfect his new skill: crawling. We still aren't quite there but we are so.close and naturally, Mama has had the camera in hand, ready to capture the first time.
This guy knows life is about to get a whole lot more interesting...
He understands the position he needs to be in to start and can go from sitting to that fairly effortlessly. And he seems to understand that there is some sort of arm/leg coordination involved and keeps trying to put one arm down in front of the other, but then stalls there.

Even without literally "crawling", he's getting where he needs to go, kind of twirling himself around like the arms on a clock and reaching out to grab whatever he wants - which, as you can see from the pic below, is threatening his older brother just a little bit!
"No, Gwey!!!"
Not sure why we're encouraging this new movement as with two kids on the move, it's gonna get interesting, but watching him try and master this new skill is truly amazing and we can't help but egg him on.
You'll be there soon enough, buddy boy!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Solo Dates with the Boys...

Hayes has adapted amazingly well to having to share the spotlight with his baby brother 24/7; we really could not have asked for it to go any better. Sure, sometimes he's a little rough with his hugs and kisses and sometimes he just has to have whatever it is that Grey is using in that exact moment, but for the most part, he really loves the babe and has made the transition of becoming a family of four much easier than we anticipated. 

I'm on my own with the boys two days a week and although I try to be more flexible about Grey's napping schedule so we aren't stuck at home all day long, the fact of the matter is, things just aren't as fun for Hayes when his brother is there and he doesn't have the one on one attention to do all of the things he wants to do. Grey is usually strapped to my chest when we're at the park in the afternoons, making my full participation in whatever game we're playing limited. And although Grey is a fantastically well-behaved baby, you never know when he might not be feeling what we're doing and that makes it difficult for everyone.

It also goes the other way - because, for the most part, Hayes is always around, Grey hasn't been able to experience a lot of one on one time with us so we've yet to take him to any of the music or gymboree classes he would probably be enjoying at this point.

So when my fabulous mother-in-law suggested implementing Monday dates with the boys so we could both get some solo time with each of the kids, I thought it sounded like a great idea. Sometimes she'll watch Grey while Hayes and I go on a fun adventure; sometimes she'll take Hayes on a date so Grey and I can spend some QT together - genius!

We kicked it off this past Monday, with Nini coming up to spend the afternoon with Grey while Hayes and I went to a destination that couldn't have been any more summer-appropriate: the Santa Monica Pier. I've lived in LA for 11 years and thought it was about time I experienced the iconic ferris wheel and who better to do it with than my little guy?

We headed to Santa Monica and took a lap of the Pier, taking in everything there was to do before deciding where to start. There happened to be a private event going on where all of the rides (including the ferris wheel) were and the park wasn't opening until 3 so we had some time to kill. 

After picking up a souvenir at the gift shop (Hayes chose a toy ice cream truck that he's slept with every night this week), we headed to The Albright for lunch (shrimp caesar for me, cheese quesadilla for the boy). A quick pit stop to play some arcade games (half of which I didn't even have to put money in as Hayes was quite content with the demos - I'll take advantage of that while I can!) and we were on our way to the ferris wheel.

This was hilarious to watch...

After choosing our vessel (Hayes insisted on red), we started going up, stopping every so often to let people on and off. The Santa Monica ferris wheel offers amazing views of the city and the weather couldn't have been more perfect for the activity. And thankfully, Hayes had zero fear of heights - it never even dawned on me that he would be scared but we were really high up!!


No trip to an amusement park is complete without the obligatory funnel cake (Mama's favorite) so we indulged in some of that before heading home, running some errands along the way.

It was so fun for both of us and I'm excited to make more memories with both boys as we continue our new Monday Fundays ;-)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Baby Sister's all Grown Up!

This past weekend, the entire extended family descended onto Casa Mailloux for some quality family time and to shower my little sister, Whitney for her upcoming nuptials.

Whitney isn't one who is particularly interested in the kind of parties that have lots of cheesy games and definitely didn't want to partake in anything that required penis-shaped straws or blow-up dolls (I mean really, who does?) so we had a subdued affair at the house with a decadent brunch and some relaxing hand massages, catching up with friends and family. 

Soon to be Mrs. Benson {etsy}
Favors: Essie Blushing Bride, Starter Wife and Borrowed & Blue, with mini glittery nail files {Old Navy} and customized W+R 10.11.14 tags {etsy}
Pictures of the bride and groom adorned the favor table. A shabby chic box contained favorite family recipes of invited bridal shower guests...
Each guest enjoyed a mini hand massage - bliss!
The spread: Homemade quiche lorraine, baked french toast, make-your-own yogurt parfaits, watermelon, tomato and feta salad with toasted almonds and arugula, and a wide array of sweets including various cakes, banana bread, nanimo bars, cupcakes and marble fudge.
Make-your-own Mimosas, white wine and sparkling fruit-flavored beverages.
Even Galahan, the family horse made a debut!
My aunt gifted Whitney our grandmother's wedding rings - Whitney and Ryan are getting married on the same day as my grandparents' anniversary. Such a sweet gesture to acknowledge such an important day...
Mother of the groom and mother of the bride...
ASU friends...
The last of the Mailloux sisters is getting married!
My mother did a phenomenal job with the food prep (still need to get my hands on the recipes for the quiche and the most delicious baked french toast I've ever had) and I think the bride-to-be enjoyed her special day.

Less than four months to go until Ryan becomes an official member of the Mailloux clan and we couldn't be happier to add such a great guy to our growing brood ;-)