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Friday, May 11, 2018

Highs & Lows...

3 Highs:

1. A really fun day down in San Diego visiting my old college bestie and her fam. I had been dreading the schlep down there but I'm so glad we did it. We have six kids between us and got some cute shots of the whole crew - it's taking everything in me to respect her wishes not to post anything with her kids on social media (which I assume this blog would fall under) so here's a boring shot of just the two of us...

2. Watching Greyson distribute his teacher appreciation gifts. I kind of forgot about his four pre-school teachers in all of the madness of appreciating the others so, per his request, we baked them cookies yesterday and put them in mason jars with bows - and he also made them each a drawing and had me write a little something about what he likes about them. He was so enthusiastic about the whole thing (in comparison to over-it Hayes, who's teacher lucked out by getting the $50 blow out that he had nothing to do with!) and he was so cute this morning when he was giving them their pressies.

3. A work-out at the Culver City Stairs. It was super hard to motivate myself to go there (I've been spoiled with my classpass classes) but I felt such a sense of accomplishment afterwards - I wish I could bottle that up and take a whif when I'm feeling lazy b/c the work out was so worth it. Unfortunately, I was a little aggressive with the running up the stairs and down the path which leads me to my first low...

3 Lows:

1. ...super sore legs and shins. Like so sore, it's painful to have the kids sit on my lap at night! Finally feeling a bit better 3 days later but yikes...

2. A seriously trying day with the kids yesterday, which kicked off with Greyson and Henley dumping every single toy bin we own into a big pile on the floor. I've been on my own all week while Grant's been on a "work trip" in the Cayman Islands (are those words even allowed in the same sentence?) and yesterday tried my patience over and over again. I went to sleep feeling guilty for yelling at them more than I should have and woke up this morning vowing to be better about constantly nagging them and losing my temper.

3. Henley fighting me tooth and nail about EVERYTHING, from what to wear, to who takes her diaper off, to picking her up, to putting her down. This is partly why I was so over parenting yesterday but the little lady is deep in the terribles and it's exhausting. I also think she's showing signs of dropping her nap (say it ain't so!) so overall, just a frustrating week trying to deal with all of that.

Best Thing I Ate This Week...

A fruit tart from Eataly that my sweet father-in-law dropped off for me when he was up here for work. It's been a boring week of eating since G's been gone so that was a special treat.

Weekend Plans...

G comes home this afternoon - yay! - so I don't care what we do, just that we're slightly less outnumbered than when I'm in single mom mode!
Planning on seeing Tully tomorrow night, followed by dinner at our fave burger spot, Plan Check.
For Mother's Day, tradition is that we go to brunch at The Lobster and ride the ferris wheel at the Pier, but in lieu of the fancy brunch this year (kids are just not the right ages for that right now and it ends up being an expensive hectic meal that I don't think anyone really enjoys), I requested we do a nice picnic (maybe with Joans take-out), then do the ferris wheel thing. Might slip away for a pedi at some point (and a yoga class at my fave first thing) and then dinner at Grant's aunt's place to round the day off. Honestly, I'm mainly looking forward to seeing the homemade creations the boys have been working on; Greyson is so excited to give me my art (but informed me that since he made me something, I had to give him a present too. I told him that was NOT how Mother's Day worked!) and I know Hayes has been working on something at school.

Whatever you do this weekend and for Mother's Day, I hope it's relaxing and exactly what you want to be doing. Have a good one!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Highs & Lows...

Henley's first day bringing lunch to school. She wouldn't let the lunchbox out of her sight, insisted on wearing a "babe-ing suit" under her dress and styled her footwear all by herself.
3 Highs:

1. A 7am spin class at my fave, Chrome with a new instructor and a solid playlist.

2. A post-speech afternoon Sbux date with Hayes. We resumed our private speech therapy this week to address some of the tongue thrust issues I told you about a few weeks ago. Hayes seems to like his new speech pathologist and I got an hour of solo time with my boy. A win-win.

3. A Friday afternoon Bubbles & Brisket with Grant and Hens. G and I have been going to this car wash attached to a yummy bbq spot for as long as we've been living in LA. We drop our cars off at the car wash, then eat lunch overlooking the action. Henley was riveted.

3 Lows:

1. Feeling sad that Henley won't have our favorite pre-school teacher next year. Although it was something I suggested (her communication skills are more indicative of the bigger class and that's also where all of my friends' kids will be), this was our last shot at having Keone and it's a bummer.

2. A rise in robberies in our neighborhood over the past few weeks.

3. Not being able to stay awake for a show I was actually really interested in, Wild Wild Country. Has anyone watched? My narcolepsy can be super annoying sometimes.

Best Thing I Ate This Week...

A poke bowl from Mainland Poke.

Weekend Plans...

It's gonna be hot here this weekend so besides the usual baseball obligations tomorrow, we plan on parking it by the pool during the day and will be fiesta-ing it up tomorrow night in honor of Cinco de Mayo at a pre-school Parents Night Out with a bunch of friends. Ole!
Sunday, we're heading back down to SD to visit my college bestie and her fam. And while I'm dreading the 4 hours in the car, I'm excited to see her and meet her littles (she lives in Paris so we don't get to hang very often!).

Have a good one!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

La Jolla...

Last weekend, we headed down to La Jolla with my parents and Whitney, Ryan and "Baby Mia", as she's become affectionately known as in our family.

And while the trip had a rocky start for poor Whitney, who spent the first evening hooked up to various IVs at the La Jolla Urgent Care dealing with a suspected strep throat infection (and my poor mother, who accompanied her there), it was a nice weekend that flew by way too fast.

The weather was a little chillier than I would have liked but the house was perfect, situated within walking distance to the beach and nearby downtown La Jolla. My parents and the grown-up boys golfed all day Friday while Whit and I hung with the kids, we did the zoo thing on Saturday (SD Zoo is seriously the nicest zoo I've ever been to - you could spend days there and still not see all of the animals) and were even able to get out for a nice adult dinner Friday night at Piatti

That view tho...
Just look at that little butterball...

I was definitely sad on Sunday when we woke up to the Bensons having already left. Living so far away from your family sucks and I wish we were closer (hint hint Ryan, that LA office is calling!).

Hayes enjoyed himself so much, he asked me one morning if we could buy a second home there so he could have a beach house to go to on the weekends. I wish, buddy!

We're heading back down to SD on Sunday, just for the day, to see my college bestie and her family, but I could see us spending a lot of time there in the near future - lots of stuff to do for the kiddos, not too far away. 
San Diego, I kind of dig you.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


A few weeks ago, we surprised the kids and took them to Candytopia, a pop-up art installation in Santa Monica, very akin to the Museum of Ice Cream we visited last summer.

I actually liked it better than the MOIC because it was much more interactive for the kids. Nothing was roped off; everything was encouraged to be explored and touched. The only thing they cautioned was not to lick the candy creations since they all had a shellac exterior that a) probably wouldn't have tasted very good and b) may or may not be poisonous to consume.

1st candy bracelet...

Each room had these incredible pieces of art, made entirely of jelly beans or licorice or gummy bears. And next to each creation, there was a sign saying just how many jelly beans, what the calorie count was and how many grams of sugar. And of course, a complimentary piece (or handful in our case, my purse was overflowing at the end!) of candy.

There was also a marshmallow pit, an empty room filled with giant balls to toss at each other and sensory overload as happy music played in the background and confetti poured out of leaf blowers, or in some rooms, a pig's bottom.

The kids loved it, especially Henley, who asked to go back every day for a week until Grant bravely took all three to Santa Monica solo and weaseled his way back into the gift shop (#dadoftheyear). Highly recommend it if you're looking to kill an hour and want to capture some cute photos of the whole fam.

Greyson had informed us before we went that he wasn't going to be taking any pictures and this one sums up his stubbornness perfectly (there were a bunch like this)...
But success! We finally got a good one of all of us, with him smack dab in the middle, right where he should be...