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Thursday, April 19, 2018


A few weeks ago, we surprised the kids and took them to Candytopia, a pop-up art installation in Santa Monica, very akin to the Museum of Ice Cream we visited last summer.

I actually liked it better than the MOIC because it was much more interactive for the kids. Nothing was roped off; everything was encouraged to be explored and touched. The only thing they cautioned was not to lick the candy creations since they all had a shellac exterior that a) probably wouldn't have tasted very good and b) may or may not be poisonous to consume.

1st candy bracelet...

Each room had these incredible pieces of art, made entirely of jelly beans or licorice or gummy bears. And next to each creation, there was a sign saying just how many jelly beans, what the calorie count was and how many grams of sugar. And of course, a complimentary piece (or handful in our case, my purse was overflowing at the end!) of candy.

There was also a marshmallow pit, an empty room filled with giant balls to toss at each other and sensory overload as happy music played in the background and confetti poured out of leaf blowers, or in some rooms, a pig's bottom.

The kids loved it, especially Henley, who asked to go back every day for a week until Grant bravely took all three to Santa Monica solo and weaseled his way back into the gift shop (#dadoftheyear). Highly recommend it if you're looking to kill an hour and want to capture some cute photos of the whole fam.

Greyson had informed us before we went that he wasn't going to be taking any pictures and this one sums up his stubbornness perfectly (there were a bunch like this)...
But success! We finally got a good one of all of us, with him smack dab in the middle, right where he should be...

Friday, April 13, 2018

Highs & Lows...

You can tell, she just hates school... ;-)
3 Highs:

1. Dropping off a huge load of old toys and baby goods at our pre-school for their Rummage Sale that's coming up next weekend. It felt so liberating to get rid of all of that stuff, including the crib mattress that has taken up residency in our garage for the last year.

2. Watching the boys start t-ball and baseball. Although I seem to be the only one who favors the sport in our family (mostly I think because it's the only sport Grant doesn't coach so I have someone to hang out with and help me with the kids!), baseball season means summer is near and this lady is ready for the summer.

3. Getting my second YogaClub box in the mail.

3 Lows:

1. Discovering Henley had pood in her diaper after a long walk to get fro-yo after dinner on Monday night. With no diapers or wipes, she was quite unhappy by the time we got home and had quite the nasty diaper rash, which resulted in multiple middle of the night diaper changes that kept both of us up all night long.

2. Finding myself having little patience with the kids this week, which led to me yelling more than I should have and feeling some serious mom-guilt. Luckily, kiddos are the most forgiving, so I told them I was sorry and promised to try to be more patient in the future. Onward!

3. Discovering that the Speech Pathologist at Overland isn't recommending the in-school therapy (read: the free and convenient speech therapy) for Hayes due to a tongue thrust diagnosis that she wants us to fix with private therapy first.
Best Thing I Ate This Week...

My favorite salad, the Happy Vegan from Tender Greens.
Oh, and my final creme egg of the season.

Weekend Plans...

Grant got back from Idaho yesterday so I'm happy to have my co-parent back in town before it's his turn to do single dad duty next week when I'm off to Nashville for a couple of days. 
We're hanging low tonight but have a busy day tomorrow, starting with a 9am birthday party for Greyson's bestie, "Mr. Will" as he calls him, at Scooter's Jungle. After that, Greyson's first t-ball game, followed by Hayes' first baseball game in the late afternoon  (yep, we've entered the world of dual sports - goodbye Saturdays!). Grandma Nini is coming up tomorrow eve to babysit while we go to a cooking class with some pre-school friends (I'm hoping it's more tasting and drinking sangria vs. actually cooking!).
And then no plans Sunday, besides a morning yoga class for moi and getting ready for NashVegas.


Friday, April 6, 2018

Highs & Lows...

3 Highs:
 1. Buying some new outdoor patio furniture and a fire pit, which will make our backyard monumentally nicer and is something we've been meaning to do for a long time.

2. Registering 'TK Grey' for Transitional Kindergarten at the big boy school (he'll do two years of kinder since he's a November baby).
He was so excited, even asking me how many more sleeps until TK ;-)

Thumbs up for TK...
3. Catching up with an old friend who moved to Orange County. She came up on Monday morning with her kiddos for a play date and lunch and everyone picked up right where we left off. Wish they lived closer so we could see them more often.

3 Lows:

1. Some serious indecisiveness. A few years ago, one of my new years resolutions was to be more decisive (it's that much of an issue). And this week, I struggled with indecisiveness about seemingly everything. Wish I could just make a decision and be confident about it!

2. An ocular migraine - my second in as many weeks. I'm lucky that it doesn't debilitate me to where I have to go lie in a dark room in silence or anything, but it's still annoying and the lingering headache is something my Friday isn't welcoming.

3. I know this is SO not a big deal in the grand scheme of life, but I've thought long and hard about a third low and this is the only thing that keeps coming to mind. Changing Henley on the floor the other night, she accidentally kicked my chin from below, prompting me to bite my tongue, hard. It hurt! And you know how a bit lip or tongue can just ruin your meals for the next few days? Well, it did. Guess it's been a good week if one of my lows was a bit tongue!
Best Thing I Ate This Week...

This was kind of a boring week for eating. I felt so full and disgusting after our Easter gluttony that I tried to mainly stick to salads and light meals. Plus Grant was out of town one night so I resorted to the tried and true after-school special (grilled cheese and tomato soup... anyone??). I guess the best thing would be the ramen we had last night from Nishi? So handy that such a delish ramen/poke place is literally right across the street. That's what city living is about, folks!

Weekend Plans...

Our beloved babysitters are out of town this weekend so we're on our own with the brood. 
Don't have a whole bunch planned, besides a movie night tonight - Mulberry Pizza + introducing the boys to Dumb & Dumber.
Tomorrow, I'm signed up to go to a Nordstrom + Sweaty Betty Collab at Wanderlust Yoga (where I used to do Mommy + Me with Hayes). 
And literally no plans for the rest of the weekend. 
Hoping to get a jump on our Spring Cleaning as our annual pre-school rummage sale is coming up, but other than that, just relaxing (well, as much as you can with three kids!).
Hope you have a good one!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter Bunnies...

Holidays are definitely more fun when you have kiddos and we are in the prime of holiday excitement around here. We've got a bunch of believers who seem to be taking after their mom and dad in the festiveness department and I'm loving every single minute.

Our most enthused bunny seemed to be Greyson, who declared that Easter was his favorite holiday (followed by Halloween and Christmas, but "not Hanukkah because you don't get a lot of toys"). Makes sense - the kid has inherited my sweet tooth (he literally had a creme egg for breakfast on Easter Sunday) and loves some friendly competition (in the form of a good old fashioned egg hunt, in this case). 

(a perfect snapshot of the egg hunt... Hayes frantically grabbing everything he can, Henley calmly retrieving a single egg, Greyson running in from god knows where and the alarm going off in the background...)

We started the day off bright and early, hunting for eggs inside and outside the house. Hayes had guessed they'd collect about twelve eggs each. Seems the Easter bunny got a little out of control as there were plenty more than twelve each, all filled with various sweet treats, in addition to an Easter basket for each kid, filled with bunny ears and non-perishable treats (thank you Target dollar stop!).

(opening their baskets - love how Hayes is talking smack to Grant about his usual wake-up time...)
Fun fact: Hayes has worn these blue bunny ears on Easter since his very first Easter 8 years ago...

We enjoyed a delicious Easter brunch at home with Nini, Pa, GG and Pops (such a nice surprise to have the Greats in town for the holiday!) followed by a lazy Sunday lounging around the house. I braised a pork shoulder all afternoon, which we enjoyed as a pork ragu over pappardelle with our friends (who are starting to feel like family), the Blakes.

In her Easter finest...
And the biggest benefit to the Easter holiday? Although they've consumed more candy than I care to admit, the kids have spent the last two days reenacting the egg hunt over and over again, which has kept them quite busy and has kept me sane on our final days of Spring Break.

Happy Easter!