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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


We spent a jam-packed 5 days in Chicago over FOJ week and it was the kind of trip I didn't want to come home from, it was that much fun.

Chicago is always a good place for our family to visit because we know so many people there. Both Grant's sister, Victoria and my little sister, Whitney live there with their families and my best friend, Cassie lives out in the burbs with hers. So lots of excuses to visit and lots of people to see while we're there.

This trip was particularly fun because both the grandparents and great grandparents on the Cohen side made the trip as well. We split our time between the city and Lake Forest - when we were in the city, the boys stayed at Victoria's with that whole crew, giving us some rare and special one on one time with our girl while we stayed at Whitney's (she slept in our bed every night and really seemed to enjoy being in temporary single child mode, although she did pine for the boys every night when we made the drive from the West Loop to Wrigleyville, only to be distracted from their absence by watching instagram videos of the love of her life, Baby Mia).

The ladies went to Victoria's baby shower on Sunday, Henley eagerly helping Aunt V with all of the pressies for Baby Ford. I got to catch up with another friend, Delane, who came to town for the special day and eat a meal in peace and quiet (as much as I missed my boys, one calm girl is SO much more manageable!). Grant and his dad took the boys to their first Cubbies game - it was blistering hot but they snatched up some souvenirs and gobbled down some ice cream, the best part of a baseball game (besides the excuse to eat a hot dog), imho.

We ventured out to my brother-in-law's lake house on Monday, spending the day swimming, boat-riding, tubing and wave-running. His family was the most gracious hosts, providing us with food and beverages all day long. The kids had a blast and it reminded Grant and I how much we want to get a lake house in Arrowhead... one day!

(My best friend, Cassie and I have basically planned our pregnancies so our kids will be the same age - I'm only semi-kidding...)
The weather was a little hot and muggy while we were there, so when the Burkes invited us to their country club in Lake Forest for the day on Tuesday, we didn't hesitate. We lunched and swam while the men golfed. Hayes and Greyson discovered the fun of a diving board and Henley fell in love with a purple mermaid, a Barbie doll she played with in the kiddie pool for no joke, two hours. The goodbye was a little tough so Uncle Thomas made a special trip to Target after dinner last night to surprise her with her very own purple mermaid. #uncleoftheyear

For the Fourth, we hung out in the city, visiting Navy Pier and BBQing on Victoria and Tommy's roof deck to watch the fireworks. 

Henny Bear (2) and Pops (87)

It was such a fun week and so nice to catch up with our nearest and dearest. 
Hard to believe that next time I return to Chi-town, it'll be with Hayes in October to meet Baby Ford!

Oh and in other news, Henley officially said goodbye to her binky, giving it to Baby Mila in exchange for a flamingo (her request!):


Friday, June 22, 2018

Highs & Lows...

Henny's 1st vs. last day of school...
 3 Highs:

1. A weeknight date night at one of our faves, Father's Office.

2. The Affair returning to Showtime.

3. Booking a girls' trip for Henny and me to go visit our DC cousins in September.

3/4 of the Adventure Crew at Adventure City last week...
3 Lows:

1. Feeling helpless about what's going on at the border. Before Trump finally signed the Executive Order yesterday to stop family separation, I fell down the rabbit hole of signing petitions, contacting our government officials and donating to RAICES. Seeing these children on the news is both incredibly heartbreaking and infuriating and I'm ashamed of the country we live in.

2. A nasty stomach bug that hit Grant, myself and our nanny, Colisha hard. Luckily it's seemed to have gone away, but I was left with a lingering chest cold (completely unrelated, I know - I just feel like I've been under the weather for a week +) that I'm still trying to shake.

3. A gnarly bloody nose for Greyson at Father's Day dim sum, which resulted in us sitting on the floor of the women's bathroom at ROC Kitchen for 20 minutes trying to get it to stop.

Best Thing I Ate This Week...

My burger and frites from Father's Office.

Weekend Plans...

Grant and I head to Palm Springs on Sunday morning for a little 24 hour getaway and I could not be more excited. We're staying at a new-to-us place called l'Horizon and besides dinner at Purple Palm on Sunday night, we have no plans but to lie by the pool, read books and play cards. Heaven!
We have zero other plans this weekend, with a rare break in sports for the boys (Greyson started a basketball clinic this past week, which he loved, but they don't have games and Hayes' summer basketball doesn't start until post-FOJ). We're gonna hang by the pool, do some grilling and maybe have a movie night with the kids.
Oh and I'm having a ladies night on Saturday - checking out Christiaan's Bar at The Larder in Brentwood.

Whatever you're up to, hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


We've been remarking upon what an amusing age Greyson's at for what seems like years now and I think we're starting to realize it's not just an age thing, but that he's just an amusing creature in general.

The best analogy I can use to describe him is that of a roller coaster. We've hopped on the ride, happily hitting the peaks and are also frustratingly there for the valleys. Everyday there are many of both - he vacillates between the North and South pole faster than you can take your next breath.

Our nanny sent me this pic of him from the park - he'd actually fallen asleep on the swings!
But whether he's high or low, the kid is full of gems that I just have to capture, because this is how I want to remember him at this age...

So without further ado, here are some Greyisms as of late, at 4 1/2 years old:

...upon seeing a spider behind the toilet that I couldn't find, he remarked, "I think he might be in camouflage mode."

...when he needs to use his strength for something (opening a jar, getting away from us when we're holding him down to try and do something just terrible like apply sunscreen, etc...) he tenses up his entire body and yells, "super gecko muscles!", a nod to our friends on PJ Masks but a phrase that's dropped around our house on the daily (even Henley says it now!).

...he's quite proud of himself when he poos and often likes to show us how big they are (they are MASSIVE). Recently, he told me one of his droppings looked like a dinosaur foot.

...he only refers to himself in the third person (Grey Grey is going to sleep now, Grey Grey isn't eating dinner, etc...)

...the boys both have kids' profiles in this online game called ABCmouse.com and as part of the profile, they get to name and take care of a hamster (kind of like a modern day tamagotchi). Greyson's hamster's name is Gunther and when he checked on him the other day and saw that he was still thriving, he angrily said, "What?! I wanted him to run out of food and water!". Okay, you sociopath!

...he recently asked me if Greta also drank milk from my boobies.

...he also accused me of stealing Greta, "since she should obviously have a mom cat and a dad cat!"

...he fully believes that when he was born, I went to the bathroom and poo'd him out.

...if you ask him who owns our house, he confidently replies, "I do."

...the other day, I checked on him when he was going to the bathroom and noticed that his hands were wet. He explained that he was hot and needed to cool off so he stuck his hands in the toilet.

...there are swords niched in odd places all over our house. He is next level obsessed with the weapons but can't resist a good one-sided sword fight with his sister's face so is constantly getting them taken away.

...we were talking about our summer bucket list the other day and I told him I needed help coming up with ideas. Our conversation went like this:
Greyson: "I have no idea what we should put on the bucket list."
Me: "Well, is there anywhere you've been wanting to go?"
Greyson: "The North Pole!"

...when I asked him if he could go anywhere in the world, where would it be, he told me Starbucks. Consider it done, buddy.
And here are some videos I took this week, where he explains his plans to corrupt his new nephew:


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Frogtown, USA...

A few weeks ago, we headed up north to Angel's Camp to visit the Greats and attend the Calaveras County Jumping Frog Jubilee.
And it was as much of a hoot as it sounds like it would be!

Back in 1865, Mark Twain wrote a short story called 'The Celebrated Frog of Calaveras County'. It is literally the only thing Grant reads (don't let that stack of books next to his bed fool you!) and he makes it a habit to read it everytime we're up north visiting GG and Pops. This year, he read it to Hayes and while I'm pretty sure it went way over his head, he definitely understood the fun of the fair and that's what we were there for.

We went on Friday morning so it wasn't too crowded or hot. We watched a pretty impressive ventriloquist do his thang, ate some fair food (hotdogs, corndogs and french fries) and bought three entries to the jumping frog competition; one for Hayes' frog, 'Hayzey Wayzey Crazy', Greyson's frog, 'Stone' and Henley's frog, 'Ribbit', all named by their respective renters.

In an unexpected turn of events, our city kids had no interest in jumping said frogs so it was up to Grant and me to make them move. They measure the length the frog moves after three jumps and of course, ideally you want them to jump forward so you can get the most distance. Hayzey Wayzey Crazy went first and was a pathetic little thing, coming in under 3 feet. Ribbit was up next and jumped an impressive 12 feet, 7 inches thankyouverymuch (record is over 21 feet). And Grant jockeyed Stone while on a conference call (multi-tasking at it's finest!) and I think he came in at an average 7 feet. Even though the kids wanted nothing to do with touching the slimy cold creatures with alarmingly long legs, it was still such a silly, fun experience. All of them got ribbons and certificates to take home (luckily the frogs stayed at the fair).

After the main frog jumping attraction, we headed to the carnival part of the Fair, where the kids rode the rides (and Henley's first rollercoaster!) and played the games. We bought some souvenirs on the way out (what says County Fair like a couple of brand new swords?) and headed home.


(don't judge us - she insisted on going on the rollercoaster and then proceeded to hate every minute of it. If we hadn't of let her on she would have been throwing a fit too - it was a lose/lose situation and at least we were able to capture a classic video of the big milestone!)

The rest of our trip up to Angel's Camp was lovely, as per usual. Trips to Murphys to hang at the park, fish tacos at Firewood, a visit to our favorite toystore, dinner at Round Table and lots of time running around the golf course and swimming in the pool.

This was a bittersweet trip as the Greats are likely moving down south to Laguna Beach in the coming months so it may be the last time visiting them up there. While we're of course thrilled that they'll be closer, we will miss Angel's Camp dearly, as it's become one of our family's favorite places to visit.

Thanks for a wonderful trip, GG and Pops!