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Friday, February 16, 2018

HIghs & Lows...

Hens helping me make pancakes on Pancake Tuesday...
Mountains of flapjacks... (Greyson asked if we could do this every Tuesday)
3 Highs:

1. Making it to a spin class at a new-to-me studio on Monday night.

2. Thoughtful Valentines gifts from both my work husband (bottle of vino) and real husband (pretty flowers).

3. Watching Greyson go through all of his Valentines; that kid so appreciates everything he gets and it was the cutest thing watching him lay out every card and trinket and muse about who gave him what.

3 Lows:

1. The school shooting in Florida. This low deserves a post of it's own, but I am totally heartbroken and ashamed of our country that another one of these senseless mass shootings has occurred. If I realize that the boys have left for school in the morning without me having given them a hug and a kiss goodbye, I panic for a moment and my mind goes to that bad place of what if something happens to them and I never got to hug them goodbye? This isn't normal; this isn't how it should be and we as a country need to stop sending useless prayers for the hot second these weekly shootings are in the news and do something about it. AR-15s should not be accessible to regular people. The leader of our country shouldn't be signing bills rolling back regulations that make it harder for people with mental illnesses to purchase firearms. I mean, excuse my language but what the fuck? Isn't this all backwards? Furious and devastated at the same time.

2. A very expensive vet visit for poor Greta on Monday. My fur baby had developed strange lesions on her face that made me fear she had picked up ringworm from somewhere. $650 later, all tests came back negative (they're still studying a hair culture to absolutely rule out ringworm), which thankfully means there's nothing wrong with her, but jesus, I thought I was feeling poor last week...? Oh, and she needs to go in for a teeth cleaning next week too. FML.

3. Grant's returning flight getting delayed, resulting in him missing his connection and meaning he won't be returning home from his 4-day trip until late tonight.

Best Thing I Ate This Week...

Valentines chocolates from Little Johns, the best chocolatier in LA.

Weekend Plans...

We are sadly without a sitter this weekend (which is probably a good thing since we're feeling mighty poor!) so not a whole lot of plans. 
Tonight, I'll be last-minute solo with the kids so maybe we'll do a movie night so they can see G when he gets home (Greyson was so excited he was coming home today, it was the first thing he said to me when he ran into my bathroom this morning - "Daddy's coming home today!!"). 
The usual karate/basketball activities tomorrow, hoping to take a yoga class at a new-to-me place (loving Classpass BTW, why did I wait so long to join?!) and then depending on what we do for dinner tonight (pizza's usually easiest with the kids), might do Mozza2Go take-out tomorrow night as a belated Valentine's celebration.
Sunday we've got Grant's cousin coming over for brunch and Greyson has a birthday party in the afternoon.
And no plans for President's Day on Monday. Maybe I'll take the boys to see Peter Rabbit?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Be My Valentine...

Happy Valentine's Day to all you love birds!
I sent the boys off to school this morning with their valentines (Hayes under mild protest - when did he become too big for valentines?!). Check them out (and thank you, Target!):
My Valentine's Day is going to come and go with little fanfare (my Valentine is out of town on a work trip - womp womp!), but we plan on having a belated celebration this weekend and in the meantime, I'll be happy to share a box of chocolates with my littlest valentines tonight.
Whatever you're doing, hope it's a good one!


Friday, February 9, 2018

Highs & Lows...

3 Highs:

1. Attending a fun field trip to see a theater performance of The Velveteen Rabbit with Hayes.

2. Celebrating Henley's birthday at school.

3. Two episodes of my current favorite show, This is Us, in one week!

3 Lows:

1. Hayes barfing right before Superbowl, which meant we had to miss out on the party we planned on attending. Luckily, it was just a 24-hour bug - poor little man.

2. Feeling like I've been spending too much money lately.

3. A Physique 57 class (good!) that left me so sore (bad!) for the rest of the week.

Best Thing I Ate This Week...

A {free} poke bowl from my fave, Da Kikokiko.

Weekend Plans...

We've got a packed weekend planned, filled with lots of birthday celebrations.
First up, a fancy dinner at Chateau Marmont tomorrow night for a friend's special day.
Then a double header on Sunday, celebrating Hayes' birthday early at SkyZone (Grant will be gone the weekend before his actual birthday) and then back to the house to have pizza + cake to celebrate Henley's birthday with friends.
And my sister-in-law and her hubby surprised us with a last-minute visit this weekend so I'm excited to be spending lots of time with them!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Childhood: This is Two!

Henny Bear turns two on Sunday! TWO! My baby is growing up!

I can barely remember what it was like before she joined the family. A little less chaotic and crazy, I'll bet - but really not much less... She was like the missing puzzle piece to our tribe and I can say with certainty that we are now complete. Partially because I'm not sure we could handle another, but mostly because who needs anything more?
I thank my lucky stars every day that we were given the biggest surprise of our life with her. I didn't realize what we were missing until she came into the picture and she's taught me so much about myself in her few short years with us. 

For Henny Bear, on her second birthday...

This year went by in a flash and I can't believe how much you've changed over the past twelve months. But although you've grown so much, we still - and always probably will - look at you as our baby. You are the most lovable little toddler ever, generous with the hugs and kisses (every kiss needs to be accompanied by a big hug), quick to offer them up when you see someone is hurt or upset. Your kisses have sound effects, kind of a forceful grunt that you emit as you go in for one. Every time we leave the house, you have to give us a kiss, hug and a high five. You are very easy to communicate with, audibly observing everything and providing commentary on what's going on around you. When you get really into explaining something, you raise your eyebrows in a way that shows you really know what you're talking about. You are also quick to rat out your brothers, telling us immediately if they hurt you ("Grey Grey hit!") and demanding the consequences be addressed. You stick up for yourself, hitting back or opening your mouth to bite your offender; luckily this behavior is strictly reserved for Hayes and Greyson and we've yet to see you act this way with your friends. In fact, you're quite the opposite with your friends, quietly playing alongside them and happily greeting them by saying "Hi friend!". Towards the end of this year, you started showing more interest in the girly toys - babies were your favorite things to play with at Green Beginning; you'd collect them by the armful, putting them to sleep in the little crib (and climbing in yourself). You started carrying purses around with you wherever you'd go and loved to pretend to talk on the phone, answering your calls by saying, "Talk to me!" (we have no idea where you picked that one up!). You also had a strange fascination with panties, either mine, which you'd pluck out of the dryer and put on over your clothes, or your own, which you insisted on wearing over your diaper as the bottom part of your outfit, or underneath your pants. You were next level obsessed with the movie, Moana, watching it every single day (which I felt slightly guilty about but it captivated you so much, it was sometimes the only way I could get anything done!). We think you thought you actually were Moana - you had a penchant for tank tops with tropical prints and for awhile, it's all you would wear! You were definitely picky about your wardrobe choices, exclaiming "different one!" to everything we pulled out. You didn't love when things were form fitting (long sleeves, tight pants, bathing suits), yelling "too tight!" as soon as you put them on. This made getting dressed challenging, but we tried to let you be as independent as you wanted. You reminded me of Greyson at that age who would pull down a pair of pants just to pull them back up himself. If we asked to help you, you'd forcefully yell, "No, I help you!" like a little angry Asian woman. And when you successfully did something by yourself, you were so proud, saying, "All by myself!". You were also very picky about what went in your hair, claiming hair clips hurt and only letting me use my own hair ties when putting your hair in a top knot. Because of this, a lot of the time you had your stick straight bangs in your eyes, looking very similar to a shaggy dog. You loved the color pink. You loathed when Mama wore her hair up, it caused you such distress and anytime I had to (when washing my face, or when I was going to a work out class), I'd have to negotiate when I was going to take it down with you, assuring you that as soon as xyz was over, I would put it back down. You were a total Mama's girl, but also loved your Daddy. You were very opinionated about who put you to bed at night and often changed your mind halfway through, which we realized close to your second birthday was a total stall tactic to going to sleep. You still slept with a little lamb named Lila and would often make me give her kisses and hugs before you went to sleep. When you got over-tired during the day, you'd start crying for Lila, which was the number one sign you were ready for your nap. You insisted on sleeping with the door open a crack and slept pretty well for the most part; honestly we were just relieved you didn't seem to be wanting to climb out of your crib yet! You hated when Greta (who you eventually stopped calling 'horlida' sometime within your second year) was in your room, yelling, "Get out!" if you saw her sneak in there while I was putting you down. You held grudges and didn't forget things; one time Greta scared you (we think maybe she might have nipped at you when you were trying to pet her) and for months afterwards, every time you'd see her, you'd say, "Greta hurt!". You called sunglasses 'eee-aws'. You were a pretty good eater - you loved all of the usual kid foods but especially loved yogurt, cottage cheese and sour cream and randomly hated chocolate croissants (?!). You were a juice addict; you drank way more juice than your brothers ever did at your age. You were very well-coordinated and loved to dance. You really seemed to dance to the music, which was hilarious. You were such a smart little girl, seemingly advanced in all of your developmental milestones and had a confident swagger, skipping everywhere with a huge smile plastered across your face. You often asked to hold our hand when we were walking somewhere, which was a nice change of pace from the way your older brothers were when they were your age. You loved to swim and would spend hours in the bathtub if we let you.  You were obsessed with your baby cousin, calling all babies "Baby Mia" and insisting on looking at pictures of her all the time. You were easy going but determined; when you wanted something, you weren't shy about letting us know. You were also very sensitive; if we said no to you, your bottom lip would stick out and your whole face would crumple into the saddest cry. You still loved to be held and carried around everywhere but would settle for sitting on the bathroom or kitchen counter if Mama needed her hands to get ready or cook. You really just wanted to be a part of the action, but could also happily play on your own for an impressive amount of time as well. You were my little sidekick and I loved every minute of watching our relationship grow. 
Two years in and I still look at you every day, wondering how we got so damn lucky.

On Sunday, we'll have some friends over for pizza, cake and pressies, keeping it third-child casual while we still can ;-)

Here are some of my favorite pics from the last year...

Happy birthday, Hens! We love you!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Highs & Lows...

3 Highs:

1. Escaping to see The Greatest Showman solo while I was in Nashville on biz.

2. A coworker bringing in a box of already-paid-for Girl Scout cookies.

3. Discovering a new delicious recipe for a comforting Sweet Potato and Lentil Stew from this book and making it for a family at pre-school who just recently had a new baby girl.

3 Lows:

1. My cold finally winning, 10 days later. I'm currently foggy headed with a stuffy nose and I'm hoping it doesn't progress any further. Ain't nobody got time for that!

2. Computer issues with a full hard drive. But it's finally motivated me to be a responsible parent and back our family photos up onto a couple of external hard-drives so at least I'll be able to check that off my list!

3. Only seeing Grant for one night this week - we were like two ships passing with our work travel schedules.

Best Thing I Ate This Week...

A to-die-for burger and fries at Ground in Nashville.

Weekend Plans...

Resting up and kicking this cold.
Hanging with the fam, who I missed this week.
Maybe a beach day?
And spending Superbowl at a friends' house, rooting on the Pats 
(she is die-hard so we kind of have to!).

Have a good one!

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Greyisms - 4 years, 2 months

...right around Christmastime, I took him and Hayes on a special date to the dinosaur museum (Grey's a big fan of all things dinosaurs these days). We took the metro and he brought along his new Power Ranger figure he had received that morning from our nanny, Colisha. When we got to the museum, I discovered he didn't have the figure anymore and after retracing our steps, we realized he must have left it on the train. He wasn't that upset about it, but did calmly inform me that when he found the person who had stolen his figure, he was going to bite all of their fingers off.

...overheard this morning when the three kids were having breakfast: 
"We're way bigger than you, Hens. We could even destroy you."

...he looked at me the other day when we were having ice cream and very matter of factly said, 
"One day, you're going to be a boy."
...he likes to joke that Warriors player Kevin Durant is actually Grant's father.

...Grant is still very much his number 1 BFF. He was acting up at a birthday party last weekend and when Grant asked him why he wasn't playing with his friends, he replied, "Because you're my friend."

...Speaking of birthday partied, he's decided that they are his favorite holidays.

...I haven't received a kiss on the lips from him in probably 6 months.

...kid loves to dance.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Highs & Lows...

Hayes and his bestie, Zach holding hands at a birthday party last weekend...
3 Highs:

1. Finally signing up for ClassPass and making it to a workout twice this week.

2. Grant returning from NYC. He was gone for work from Monday to Thursday and I was ready for him to come home!

3. A fun basketball game with Hayes in the garage. He'd been bothering me all day to play and I kept putting it off. It ended up being the best 5 minutes of my day!

Henley in Moana heaven...

3 Lows:

1. A hectic afternoon with the kids when I had to unexpectedly come home early to relieve our nanny, who's poor daughter has the flu.

2. Fighting off yet another cold. Touch wood, none of them have progressed into full blown sicknesses so I'll take it, but still annoying!

3. A terrible yoga class. Turns out iyengar yoga is not for me!

Best Thing I Ate This Week...

Lunch from my new fave, Cava.

Greyson heading off to school earlier this week...
Weekend Plans...

Not a whole lot on the schedule this weekend. 
I've realized our weekends are usually just the same sh*t, different day - but in a good way!
We may take the kids to the Islands tonight - or may stay home, depending on how we feel...
Tomorrow we've got karate and basketball - same old, except Hayes' grandpa and great grandpa are coming to the game to cheer him on.
Fun dinner planned tomorrow night with some pre-school friends here.
And Greyson has a birthday party on Sun afternoon at Color Me Mine, so we'll divide and conquer for that.
Plus, it's supposed to be in the 80s this weekend, 
so whatever we end up doing, at least we'll be warm!