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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Angel Baby

Look at this squidge and how big she's getting? Where is the time going?!
Henley's getting the most delicious rolls on her legs and arms. I honestly can't get enough and am borderline smothering her the amount of kisses I try and squeeze in during the hours she's awake (which aren't many, not that I'm exactly complaining!).
We literally call her "Angel Baby", it just rolls off the tongue now. Where is Angel Baby? (oops, forgotten on her play mat on the floor again!) How did Angel Baby sleep last night? (every night is different but she's been known to sleep from dream feed to morning without interruption - honestly, her brothers are up more than she is at night) Does Angel Baby need a tub? (no, she never needs one, but she loves her tub so damn much, I hate to deprive her of it!)
She loves her carrier and faces forward mostly now, wanting to be part of the action. I frequently have to ask Hayes if she's awake or asleep since she's so quiet when we're out and about. Often times he'll tell me she "looks like this" and follow it up with a squinty face, eyes not quite open or closed.

And she's started to talk! According to Hayes, she's said "hi" and "apple" (!!). She seems to already be losing interest in nursing (how can that already be!?) and will chatter away instead. Girlfriend has lots to say and I pretend to understand to keep the conversation going. I absolutely love our discussions and hope this is the beginning of a long life of girl talk about absolutely everything under the sun. I often say I feel bad that the boys have each other and Henley won't have a sister, but then follow it up by saying she has me, whether she likes it or not!
But seriously, I feel so lucky that our Angel Baby came into our lives. As most of you know, she wasn't exactly planned, but she has 100% completed our family and we're so glad she's here. I love our boys with all of my heart but a relationship with a daughter just feels a little bit different, even at this young age. 
And her brothers absolutely adore Baby Henry, constantly asking to hold her and burp her and sometimes keeping her company when she's being forgotton on the playmat ;-) I can already tell there's going to be a forcefield around their little sister when it comes to potential suitors and nothing makes me happier than seeing all of my littles together, even if it is mass chaos at our house 99% of the time (but of course, Angel Baby is never to blame for that!).

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hawaii 2016

This post is super duper late but I didn't want to forgo documenting our favorite trip of the year, 
so better late than never!

My parents were kind enough to let our crazy crew tag along to the Big Island with them in April. Grant and I were smart enough to know that an extra set of hands wouldn't hurt so we invited our amazing nanny, Lolo along (best decision ever, btw). 

Hawaii is amazing. If you haven't been, go. It's good for grown-ups; it's good for children. It's an easy direct flight from LA and although tickets are insanely expensive, between miles, the generous "gift of travel" from my parents at Christmas and the justification that we're staying in an incredible, oceanfront mansion on Waikoloa Beach for free (thanks for that too, Wayne and Penny!), it's worth every additional penny.
The boys snacking with their toes in the sand...
Sunset cocktails at my favorite place on earth (no joke, I'd like my ashes to be scattered here when I die...)...
Because we go for an entire week, we're really able to relax and have a real vacation. Grant and my parents usually spend a few days golfing, but due to an unfortunate shoulder injury on my dad's part, golfing wasn't on the agenda this year. Instead, we spent 7 sun-filled days lying by the pool and going to the beach - with one unsuccessful deep sea fishing excursion thrown in for good measure.

Grant learning how to fish, a skill that unfortunately he didn't get to practice...

Lesson learned: apparently bananas are back luck to bring on fishing boats. Oops!
We left Grey and Henley at home with Lolo and brought along our oldest fisherman, who spent the first half of the trip sitting inside with co-captain Carlton, eating all of the cheetos and trail mix he could get his hands on. The second half of the trip was spent cleaning up his puke after he got violently sea sick. I don't think Hayes is itching to get on a boat again anytime soon ;-(
Looking at the dolphins...
The Big Island could do better in the food department, but since we've been going there every year for the last 8 or so years, we have our 3-4 go-to restaurants we try and hit up every time we're there, mixed in with some nights cooking at home.

The boys had an absolute blast. Hayes picked right up where he left off with his swimming and Greyson wore those puddle jumpers like they were going out of style. Their favorite part of the trip was the giant Hawaiian shaved ice they enjoyed at the snack shack at our favorite beach.
Building sandcastles...
I'm not sure how *relaxing* of a trip it was for Wayne and Penny - I think sometimes the boys are a little too wild for their liking - but they tolerated it like champs and hopefully enjoyed spending the time with their grandkids, because I know their grandkids enjoyed spending the time with them. 
And Angel Baby... boy did she live up to her name! She slept the entire way on the plane there and back and every afternoon, she'd snooze on a lounge chair poolside for, no joke, 5 HOURS! Little lady also took her first swim and donned some absolutely adorable resort wear ;-)

Here are some more pics from our trip...

Lunch with the dolphins...
I mean!
Until next year, Hawaii - counting down the days!

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Oh, Greyson...
Baby Greyson taking a nap in Baby Henry's rock n play...
 He both infuriates and fascinates me these days and the stuff that comes out of his mouth is absolutely hilarious. It is really amazing to be able to comprehend the thoughts of somebody his age; we never experienced that with Hayes since his speech was so delayed and he didn't really start talking in a conversational manner until he was closer to three. Not so much with this one who has been speaking in full sentences for as long as I can remember.

Here are some things that Greyson, age 2 years 4 months is doing that are making us laugh around here lately...

...we're all a little new to the whole baby girl bow thing and for the boys, the only times they've seen bows is when they are adorned on packages that are meant to be torn into. A few weeks ago, he was searching for a pair of scissors and when I asked them what he needed them for, he told me he wanted to cut the bow off of Henley's head. Those promptly got moved to a higher cupboard where they would be out of reach!
...he calls sparkling water "fucking water"

...anytime he references something that happened in the past, he starts off by saying "Last morning..."
...a few weeks ago, I peeked in on him napping and found him like this:
 He fully understands what the potty is for, that he'll get treats for using it and evidently doesn't like to have a wet diaper on, but refuses to use the potty. When we ask him when he'll be ready, he says "Not yet, maybe when I'm smaller."
...when he wants your attention, he will physically grab your face so you can't look away.
...he's very particular about what is in his room when he sleeps. This is both good (as in when he chewed through his last pacifier and didn't like the new brand Grant brought home, effectively ending his relationships with said binkies once and for all last week!) and bad (as in when Hayes broke his collarbone a few weeks ago and I tried to sleep on the top bunk to be closer to him and try and entice the boys to go back to sleep at 3 in the morning, Greyson forcefully yelled, "What are you doing?! Go back to your own bed!" until I had to remove him from his crib and from his bedroom and put him in my bed with Grant). 
...he's also very territorial about his stuff. When he saw a squirrel poking around the huge hole in our backyard that will one day be our pool, he yelled, "Get out of our hole!"
...for the most part, he still forgets "Baby Henry" is around, but when he does remember, he'll always give her a passing kiss as he walks by and often asks to hold her. The instant she starts crying though, he wants nothing to do with her. In fact, his teacher Patricia told me that when asked what it was like to have a little sister, his response was "She cries." (and she doesn't even cry that much!!)
...we vacillate between putting the boys to bed together and putting Grey down before Hayes at night. Oftentimes, when we put Grey down first, he'll quietly hang out in his crib until Hayes comes to bed, sometimes up to an hour later. A few weeks ago, he did this and soon as we walked in the room, he popped up and said, "Oh, hi Mr. Funnypants!" 
Now we've taken to calling him Mr. Funnypants (he really is!)
...he's always asking what people's names are and what kind something is and is very quick to tell you whether he likes something or not. For example, when eating a snack the other day, he asked what kind of pretzels they were, to which I responded that they were from Naturebox. His response? "Oh I like Naturebox!"
...he calls it "Hide and Sneak".
...when he gets really upset about something, he takes his fingers and moves them really fast around his mouth. Totally bizarre but he's been doing this since he was a baby.
...A few weeks ago, we went to a friend's wedding so I got all dolled up. Right before we left the house, he looked up at me and said, "Mommy, you look like a princess!" Heart melted.
Helping us bake cookies and sneaking bites of flour...
...he thinks he's pretty awesome - and I agree.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Still Surviving Over Here...

Wanted to post a quick update to let y'all know that we're still alive and surviving over here. 3 kids leaves little to no time for luxuries like blog writing, but I promise to dive back into it when I return to work and have some time at a desk for a few hours every day.

This little miss is 5 weeks today and we are loving having her as the latest addition to the family. She is, overall, a pretty easy baby, for which we are very thankful for. She spoiled us by sleeping for literally the first three weeks of her life. Around her due date, right when we started bragging to people about how much of a breeze having 3 kids was, she began to act like a typical newborn, needing to be held at inopportune times and keeping us up at night. 

I will say that our of all of the kids, she's been my most enjoyable newbie - I think because I know she's my last so I find myself relishing in the newborn snuggles and being more patient with the inconveniences of having to stop what I'm doing to pick her up and give her some love and attention. 
Look at those baby toes!
Nursing has also been a fabulous excuse to kick up my feet and let Grant handle the boys - and he has stepped up big time since Henley was born so I'm very grateful. Between him, our nanny Lauren, various family visitors and Grant's mom, Nini, I had actually managed to avoid being on my own with all three for more than an hour or two over the last 5 weeks until today (?!). And I was really thrown to the wolves for my first day trying to be Supermom since Grant has been out of town in SF for work since Tuesday morning! I'm doing okay for the most part and even managed to make it out of the house this morning to take all three kids to the park (yay for me!), but honestly, certain times over the last 24 hours have seemed like the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I wish I was joking!

The boys have been great big brothers to their new little sister. Hayes in particular can be very helpful when he wants to be, holding her and keeping her distracted when I need both my hands to cook dinner or get ready for bed. They can also be super naughty and test every last ounce of my patience, so there have been a lot of deep breathes taken around here lately ;-)
Snuggles with G Pops...
I've got some posts up my sleeve and promise to write more when I have time (I'm particularly looking forward to penning a post on Greyisms - the kid is absolutely hilarious lately and I need to capture some of what comes out of his mouth). In the meantime, enjoy some photos of the last month and I'll check in again soon.
Just doing some yard work (since our gardeners don't...)...
We've started digging the pool and the boys are pretty enthralled...
Greta, constantly trying to insert herself wherever possible...
Gusser and Aunt Jess came for a visit last weekend. The boys had a ball playing "hide and sneak"...
Officer Hayes and his sidekick, Officer Gus...
Happy St. Pats!