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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And so it begins...

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a long time. A long, long time...

First, I was intimated by the whole idea of a blog. How did I start one? What would I name it? Who would read it? What if nobody read it? Did I even want anyone to read it?

I got over the whole technology fear (a large feat for those who know me!) and picked a fitting name. Finally created my url (is that even what it's called?) one day while I was on maternity leave. 

And then a lady and her loves... sat, untouched for almost 4 months... 

I wasn't sure how to start it. How do you just go from never blogging to suddenly blogging? What exactly was I going to blog about? 

And this afternoon, I'm feeling inspired and decided that today was the day I'd start. So that's that. I still haven't figured out how to make it a fancy template and I have no clue who'll read it and frankly, that doesn't really matter to me! I've always liked the idea of having a blog where family and friends can come and check in on our little family and our life in LA, and this is especially true now that our little man is growing up before our eyes. 

So here you have it, folks. Come here for updates on all things G, C, H & GF, with a spattering of what I like and find interesting because, well, I'm the lady and this blog is for my loves.

Speaking of loves, Hayzey is 8 months today... can you believe it?

hayes, almost 8 months - palm springs, ca

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  1. Fantastic start and a great idea.
    BTW I loves my beets too; most esp. pickled beets. I am pretty sure you had them before the age of twenty and two!

    Keep it uo!