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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

(Although it looks like we support the Taliban, Grant's pumpkin is disguised as a ghost due to a carving mishap...)

Hayes had his 8 month appointment this morning and all went well. 

20 lbs, 27 3/4 inches long and in the 50-75th percentile for both. 
Dr. Sabeti was very pleased!

We got the go-ahead to start giving him meats, starting with chicken and then maybe some veal shank... I'm not kidding... veal shank. I've never even prepared veal shank for myself, let alone my 8 month old baby! But I guess it's easy on the stomach so they recommend it as a "first meat". 
Not sure if we'll be giving him veal anytime soon, but will definitely introduce some chicken and more protein. We can also start giving him yogurt and legumes so we've got a whole new set of options to play around with now! In addition to breakfast and dinner, he'll also start having lunch.

In the shot department, he got his 2nd flu shot (the first year they get flu shots, they have to get two) and a Hep B vaccine. Some tears were shed, but the nurse gave him a new toy and all was forgotten. It reminded me of when I was little and used to get those rubber finger puppet toys from the dentist. 
And it also made me realize how quickly he's growing that he could be appeased by something materialistic to make him forget the pain of the doctor :(

Tonight, we have big plans for Hayes first Halloween. The giraffe and his zookeepers will be heading over to Nanna Susu's house for her annual Halloween party.  Pictures to follow tomorrow...

Happy Halloween!

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