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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Aftermath...

Hayes rocked his first Halloween and his giraffe get-up gave meaning to this year's zookeeper/safari guide theme...

Nanna Susu's house was OUT OF CONTROL. We're not just talking a couple bowls of candy and some fake cobwebs here. In addition to the full graveyard scene out front (of her apartment, mind you), she had smoke machines, lights, music, a treasure chest, frames shaking on the wall, a full crime scene in the bathtub. It was ba-nanas! So festive and fun, I had to take a few pics to share...

bath tub crime scene... note, bloody hand prints on wall.

the graveyard out front 
Michael Myers scared the s**t out of the trick o' treaters...  

Susu dressed as a Madame... hilar.
Things at Livonia were pretty quiet. We got one trick or treater. Yep - ONE. And it was our neighbor, Omi, dressed as a ninja - such a rare occurrence that his mom, Linda made him pose for the camera as he got his candy so they should show his dad. Guess Halloween isn't such a big holiday for the Jews!

All in all, a success! 
Goodbye Halloween 2011 and let's get this holiday season started - 23 days until Thanksgiving :)

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