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Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I have a tendency to take holidays that are supposed to be single day celebrations and strrrretch them out so they're multi-day, even sometimes multi-week events. 
This year, we celebrated Halloween twice; Our Christmas/NYE holidays will span a 14 day period. Usually, our wedding anniversary is celebrated not just by observing the day, but with a 5 day jaunt to our favorite island in Hawaii (sadly, this year we decided it was too much to take the babe to a different timezone for a long weekend so we missed our annual trek to Kona. 
We've promised ourselves that tradition will resume in 2012).
I can't even imagine what Hayzey's first birthday is going to be like...
(basically keep all of Feb 2012 open).
Call me crazy and over-the-top,
but I like to think of myself as just being quite festive!

So naturally, I've been looking forward to Thanksgiving week for quite sometime. I absolutely adore Angel's Camp, a small Goldrush town just east of Stockton where Grant's grandparents, Myrna and Olie live. GG and Great Pops (as Hayes will call them) live in an adorable house on a great green golf course. Every year on Thanksgiving, the boys go out golfing while the girls stay in and prepare the feast, chatting and playing cards to pass the day away until it's time to sit down and dig in. After we've gorged on way too much food, we'll sit down around the fire to watch some football or old home videos (there are some CLASSIC ones of Grant - "just in the nick of time!") or maybe catch a flick at the local movie theater. It's cozy and festive and I look forward to it every year :)

And who knew it was Home of the Jumping Frog?! Makes me love it even more!

This year will be especially fun as it's Hayzey's first Thanksgiving and he's finally going to meet the rest of his relatives on the Dake side of the family. The only thing I'm not so excited about is the 6+ hour drive up on Wednesday with a child who is going through a phase where he HATES the car - should be a hoot! Anyways, lots to do over the next couple of days to get ready but really excited to be there with everyone, especially since I know relatives fighting over spending time with the newest addition = a much appreciated break for Mom and Dad!

Here are a coupla shots from the weekend...

Like my new 'do?

Go Niners!

Fun with Grandpa's fedora...  
Finally, I don't know what it is about this picture, but it melts.my.heart. My two boys, snuggling in bed, Hayes saying, "wake up, Daddy!" or more like, "bbbbpppttfffttt. ya ya ya ga!"

Have a great week!

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