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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Some facts about Hayes these days...

- He's babbling up a storm. No words yet, but lots of ya ya's and ga ga's.
When he gets frustrated and starts to lose it, he lets out a long "mummm" before the whining starts, which I know doesn't mean a damn thing, but I like to think it's him speaking to me directly.
- When he gets super excited, he kicks his legs so hard, I'm afraid they're going to fly off of his body. I read somewhere that when babies do that, it means they're saying, "Let's get physical."
The Olivia Newton John song plays though my head every time...
- Although he's not crawling yet, a few times I've checked in on him before going to bed and he's somehow gotten his body into crawling position, butt straight up in the air. It is the cutest.thing.ever.
- He loves being held upside down. He loves to be scared, like when you suddenly look at him and gasp really loudly. Or when you pretend you're going to step on him. He basically loves anything that has to do with "Danger! Danger!".
- Since he's still all gums, we're limited to the amount of finger foods we can give him, but last night I cut up some bananas into tiny pieces and he fed himself. And for the most part, he did a pretty good job of getting the pieces of banana from the tray and into his mouth....

This is what you want me to put in my mouth??

Practicing my pincer grasp...

Banana has landed... must.not.let.it.out!

But sometimes a boy can become lazy and it's just easier to cut out the hands and put the food straight into the mouth. Hey, Greta does it like that, right??

Get in my belly!

Mission accomplished.

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