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Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Recap...

We're still recovering over here from the weekend's festivities (SO not able to bounce back the way we used to!), but overall, I think the birthday boy was pleased, so Operation Grant's 30th was a success!
Make a wish!
La Descarga

Grandma Nini and Grandpa Darryl were a HUGE help this weekend and assumed babysitting duties while Mom and Dad went out on the town. Grandma Nini joined us at Gymboree, then we took a trip to Toys R Us, where it seemed Christmas came a bit early for the boy :-)

Hayes checking out what Gavin has...

Taking a spin...

Even without the words, I can already hear "MINE"...

With Grant up in SF for the Niners game yesterday, the boy and I got down to work making our crafty Christmas presents. This picture pretty much captures Hayes' sentiments towards the activity...

Mom, I don't want to do this anymore!!!
Unfortunately, he didn't have a choice as he was 
kind of a crucial element to the project. 
He'll thank me one day!!

Have a great week!

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