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Friday, December 2, 2011

Cough cough...

It's like an infirmary around here today... Grant was sick for a few days at the beginning of the week and although we made a valiant effort, unfortunately the boy and I couldn't escape it this time. 
Luckily, he doesn't seem to be too bothered so far - he just has a snotty nose which is impossible to wipe (I now understand why my sister couldn't just "put some saline nose drops in there" - sorry for underestimating the ease of doing that, Jess!) And while I'm sure Hayes will be bummed to maybe have to miss our last Gymboree class tomorrow, hopefully it won't get much worse than it is and we can resume our normal, healthy lives after a weekend of much needed r&r...

We did buy our Christmas tree this afternoon (yay!), which is bigger and better than years past and Uncle Bob is coming over tonight to decorate, so at least while we're all lazing on the couch, it'll be next to some twinkly lights and the sweet sounds of Michael Buble's Christmas album :)

Hope you all have a great (and healthy!) weekend!



  1. you guys are the cutest little fam! I'm so jealous of the christmas tree! will have to wait until I get back to Amsterdam to get one - and we'll probably just do a small one since it'll only be two weeks before we head to the states for the holiday! man.. time really flies! merry christmas to you guys!

  2. Thanks lady - merry christmas to you guys as well! Looks like Amsterdam got an early start on celebrating Christmas - only the Euros could get away with sporting that black face - so inappropriate but so hilarious.