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Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Special Edition

With Chanel's favorite day on tap tomorrow, I figured now is as good a time as any to commandeer the laptop and enter a Guest Post (Note: although HTC is definitely going to be in GATE by 3rd grade, he's not quite typing yet - this is Grant).

C literally loves every part of Christmas (Another note: she just walked in and caught me on her laptop and tried to pull it away from me, then announced "You're a mischevious miscreant, don't write anything mean!"... clearly she was not a fan of FrontOfficeFans.com) - from the overload of family time, to the constant food menagerie, to, most importantly, the bevvy of well-wrapped pressies under the tree. Although I regularly get tagged as some type of heathen for having a Jewish last name and not overtly coveting the holiday as if I'm still 8 years old (like C or Patrique), I actually really enjoy Xmas as well - particularly knowing how much C likes it. While I'm not in favor of spending too much time under one roof with the family, particularly one that is so far away from civilization as we are at Casa Mailloux (where I just became 4sq mayor!), this year ought to be a new experience.

Because its HTC's first Xmas, my family (mom, dad & sis) rolled into town last night and will be celebrating the holidays with us in the desert. Last night we got the holiday season kicked off right with a partay at the house for the retirees who treat Desert Mntn like frat row. Today I'll be headed out to pick up childish gum and tabloids for stocking stuffers (stay classy!) and bagels, lox and the various accoutrements for a Cohen breakfast on Mailloux Christmas.

Although HTC will likely be asleep for a good portion of the present unwrapping, I'm actually quite excited to finally be on the "Santa" side of gift giving and think, that although it likely means a lot less pressies for us, that C and I are just now entering our prime Xmas years where we get the joy of watching our kid(s) spend the morning tearing through packages of toys under a well-lit tree in our living room (Xmas really is a strange holiday when you think about it).

So, here's to hoping that the old adage "It's better to give than receive" really holds true!

Happy Holidays.

Cohen out.

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