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Saturday, January 21, 2012


We've packed our suitcases full of swimsuits, cover-ups and sunnies, and bright and early tomorrow am, the Cohen clan are off to the islands... more specifically the island of Maui, in beautiful Hawaii. 

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We're meeting up with my parents for 5 fun filled days of sun, golf (for all except moi) and spa treatments (which you bet your ass I'll be partaking in!). It'll be Hayzey's furthest trek West and by the time we return to LA next Friday, he will have rounded out his extensive first year of travel to an astonishing 20 flights - quite the world traveler we've got ourselves!
If memory serves, the pool at the Grand Wailea is just about every kid's dream, with water slides, pirate ships and water features galore. The kind of place where a 9 year old staying at the Four Seasons next door might sneak into, wearing a pool wristband her and her older sister found in the ashtray of the lobby ;-) Although Hayes is a little young to be barreling down a water slide, that doesn't mean his 30 year old parents can't partake in a little fun, right?

I won't be bringing my computer so I'm not sure how easy it'll be for me to get online and keep you posted about our trip, but promise to come back with lots of photos and surely many memories to share :)

So if that's the case...A hui hou kakou!

Hayes, 3.5 months, Cannes, France

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