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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And we're back!

Finally somewhat settled back into city life and have a few moments to sit down and post about our trip. Hawaii was amazing - such a great trip on so many levels! Hayes thoroughly enjoyed island life, where naps were plentiful, there was lots of room for him to explore and pants were, of course, optional :)

We lucked out and on both the way there and back, Hayes got his own seat, so we were thankful that we decided to bring his infant carseat along for one last hurrah so he could sit in that on the plane. I will say that keeping an 11 month old baby entertained - especially one who is fighting off sleep like it's the plague - on a 6 hour flight wasn't the easiest thing we've ever done, but it was a tag team effort and I think we both felt more accomplished as parents as a result!

Besides a minor lost bag snafu (which was rectified later that night thankfully), Hawaii pretty much puts you in relaxation mode from the instant you walk off the plane so switching into vacation gear came very naturally. The condo we stayed at was a spacious 3 bedroom villa located within walking distance of the shops and beaches of Wailea, a great location with private access to a few pools as well. Probably the most important feature of the villa was the fact that the lanai got great sun in the morning, so while Hayes napped, we were able to get in some optimal tanning time, something we hadn't really done since we went to Cannes last June.

We had some fantastic dinners, Grant got in a round of golf with the Lonewaynger and I had one of the best massages I've ever had at the Spa at Grand Wailea. We were in bed by 10p every night and in true Hayes-loving-vacation fashion, the whole family slept in until at least 8a every morning (which I'm happy to report has continued since we got back on Friday - UH-mazing!) so by the end of the trip, we were about as relaxed as relaxed can be!

It was one of my favorite trips we've taken since the little man was born and I think we were all a little reluctant to get on the plane and head back to reality (although it being 80 degrees all weekend in LA definitely eased the transition!). 

Here are some of my favorite pics from the trip:
Sunset dinner at Sarento's on the Beach...
Side note: every other kid we saw in Hawaii was covered head to toe in long sleeved wet-suit-like attire so Grant and I felt a little negligent letting our babe go bare chested. A little tan never hurt anyone, right? ;-)
Daddy and baby ocean dip - this picture looks peaceful, but in all reality, the waves were a little scary for Hayes, who it turns out isn't the beach's biggest fan!
Baby toes :)
Observing the other beach-goers and bravely putting one foot in the sand!

A smooch for Dad.
Respecting the sun...

 This sequence above captures Hayes' sentiments towards the sand on the beach. He did not know what to do with it! He'd get some in his hands, inspect it, then go to crawl but couldn't bring himself to touch it again. It was definitely a new experience for him!

Final picture of the trip - Aloha Maui!
 The rest of the pics will follow in Hayzey's 11 month photo posting later this week - can you believe his next birthday will be the Big '1'?! Mama's got some party planning to do!

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