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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

Our whirlwind holiday travels have finally come to an end and we're back to normalcy around these parts. Having been gone for 2 weeks (minus a day and a half recharge in LA last week when we unpacked from Scottsdale and packed right back up again for Aspen), it was definitely nice to get home last night and sleep in our own beds. 

Aspen was unseasonably warm for December, with temperatures reaching the high-50s on our final day there. Pleasant for walking around town, but not the best ski conditions. That being said, Grant and I only ended up skiing one half-day... Wish we could have gone more, but c'est la vie! At least we got in lots of lazing around the fire and QT with the boy and our nephew, Hank. 
I'm happy to say that Hayes has long forgotten his aversion to Pappa and by the end of the trip, they were best of buds (Pappa even received a few of Hayzey's famous open mouth smooches!). 

And boy oh boy how our little man has grown over the past couple of weeks. The night before we left for Scottsdale, his army crawl turned into a real crawl and he hasn't slown down since. Mama has bruises all over her knees from following him around the house! He's pulling himself up onto tables and chairs and we even saw a bit of cruising around the coffee table going on these past couple days. It's time for baby-proofing part two - our house is definitely not baby friendly and unless we want Hayes' first words to be 'No!' or 'Careful!', we better do something about it stat!

As 2012 is here and a new year is upon us, I figured this 'ole blog is as good a place as any to jot down some resolutions that might help better myself and those around me. Maybe it'll help me keep them if I have it written in stone (or written in html, rather! Am I using that term correctly?!). So here are a few I've thought of...

...stop texting and driving. It is so stupidly dangerous and it's one of those things I just need to stop before something bad happens. Bluetooth means I shouldn't even have to take my phone out of my purse when I'm in the driver's seat.
...take up reading again. 2011 was a blur that was seriously lacking in the sleep department so watching the inside of my eyelids definitely took precedence over staying up to date on the current bestsellers. Once I'm finished with The History of Love (which frankly, I don't love b/c I'm so confused by what's going on since it's literally taken me 6 months to read it!), I've got a stack next to the bed to get through, including The Paris Wife, Mindy Kalig's supposed-to-be-hilar new book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and the last book in my guilty pleasure series, Breaking Dawn
...cooking more, both for ourselves and Hayes. And cooking out of my comfort zone.
...keeping an open-mind and stop being so judgmental of others. I think if everyone made this one of their resolutions, we'd all be happier people to be around :)

So we'll check-in again in 2013 to see how I did with those! 

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite pics from our trip. Isn't my boy a handsome little devil?

Giving his cousin, Hank a back rub...
Cold weather looks good on Hayes...
Having a laugh with Dad after his first day sledding - will go into that more in another post :)
Hank watching the skiers coming down the mountain...
Happy New Years, from the Cohens!
Lunch at Snowmass, so mild coats not required...
Grant's dream of serving a real drink behind a bar comes true when he prepares a Moscow Mule for Whitney at the J-Bar at Hotel Jerome. Literally floated behind the bar with giddiness!
Grant warming his toes almost in the fire - the man has the worst circulation on earth!
Horses from the sleigh ride...
Hank tuckered out from the sleigh ride to Pine Creek...
Stealing a smooch from my boy...
 Hope y'all had a fun holiday. For us, the countdown to Hawaii begins (17 days!). 
Rough life, but someone's gotta do it!

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