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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lazy Wednesday...

Grant has been in Vegas this week at CES so I've been in single-parent mode with the boy. While I miss him terribly and it's definitely nice to have another set of hands to help with bath time and the nightly routine, I will say that getting in bed at 10p every night and clocking in a full 8+ hours of sleep is a serious piece of silver lining to his absence!

Lately, Hayes has been waking up around 6:45a and we've tried to make it a rule not to go into his room until 7a at the earliest to get him up for the day. He's gotten pretty good at keeping himself occupied, especially when we throw his favorite wooden book into the crib - and the 7's seem far less early than the 6's so it works for everyone.

So you can imagine my surprise this morning when my alarm (that I never actually use to wake me up, it's purely to remind me to get my ass in the shower after usually being awake for over an hour already) went off at 7:30a and there was still the sweet sounds of silence coming from down the hallway. I pushed snooze at first, thinking I should take advantage of every extra minute of sleep I could get but since I'd already been sleeping for 9 hours at this point, I wasn't really tired anymore. 

7:45a rolled around... I'd checked my email on my phone and watched some GMA. Still silence. Here's where I started thinking that someone must have come in and abducted him in the middle of the night so I had to peak in and see what was going on. Opened the door a crack. Phew, boy was in there, sleeping soundly, butt up in the air. 

I changed into my gym clothes, brushed my teeth, made him a bottle. It's 8:10a now and still nothing. I knew he was in his crib and he looked like he was sleeping but oh no... what if he had stopped breathing at some point in the middle of the night?! I gave it a few more minutes and then couldn't resist any longer - I know they say never to wake a sleeping babe but the kid had been sleeping for almost 13 hours! When I opened the door this time, he lifted his head and gave me one of those behind the binky smiles. And I gave a sigh of relief that all was well with my boy and maybe he was just extra tired this morning!

This doesn't happen often but there have been a few times in Hayes' short 10.5 months on earth where he's slept a little longer or been unusually quiet and my first thought is always that something must have happened and he's either been snatched or has stopped breathing in the middle of the night. I keep waiting for the day that I get over that and can enjoy the extra minutes of sleep or peaceful silence before he's up and at it again; I'm beginning to think that's never going to happen. 

Welcome to parenthood, right?



  1. I cant imagine that kind of constant paranoia!!! Could the boy be adopting some of his mother's legendary sleeping traits??