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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birthday Party Success!

Our little guy is 1, officially a toddler. (sigh!)

We had a great weekend celebrating the big milestone. Grant and I have had a bottle of '96 Dom Perignon sitting in our fridge for the past 5 years (I kid you not), just waiting for the right occasion to be consumed. When we bought our house, I was 9 months pregnant, so that was a no-go. We thought about having it last year when we were in the hospital after Hayes was born, but the whole nursing thing kind of put a damper on that. So we decided it would be best to finally break open the bottle by celebrating making it through our first year of parenthood.

Cheers to us!
After a champagne toast of Friday evening, we headed to Akasha for dinner, the same restaurant we dined at the night before Hayes was born - something tells me this is going to be a new tradition of ours :)

Saturday was busy, busy, busy getting ready for the big party. The weather held up, the place looked great, food all came together nicely (thanks to Nini, a lifesaver who should seriously consider having a catering company on the side!) and Hayes was in all of his glory being in the spotlight. It was a great day and a fantastic 1st - I think we've set the bar high for parties to come :)
The loot...
12 months of Hayes...
Favors: mustache lollipops for the grown ups, books for the kids ...
Hayes and his friend, Gavin goofing around...
Birthday cake deliciousness...

Charming the ladies (and making moves!)...
Kicking his feet up in his new lazy boy lounger...
 For those of you who couldn't be there for the party, here's some video of Olie's poem and Hayes enjoying his first taste of the good life (aka Pepsi Cola cake with Mama Mailloux's buttercream frosting...):

Sunday - the boy's actual birthday - was very mellow in comparison. We figured the best gift we could give Hayes was a day without a car ride (probably his least favorite activity, besides having his nose wiped) so we hung out around the house, walked to brunch at Factors and spent some daddy/son bonding time out in the mancave watching the Miami game on his new Lazy Boy lounger while Mama made some chicken tortilla soup. 
Silver dollar pancakes and strawberries... yum!
It was a seriously great weekend. We had so much fun with all of our friends and family who made it to the party (although we missed those who couldn't be there dreadfully!) and it was nice to have some quiet family time to reminisce about what was going on exactly one year ago, when our lives changed forever and Hayzey boy came into our lives. 
Happy birthday Booginhead :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mealtime with Hayes...

Anybody who has a baby knows that mealtime is always a gamble and you never quite know what to expect. At lunch, your kid can absolutely love grapes; dinnertime, they can't get them out of their line of vision fast enough. One meal, they will only eat if spoon fed; another, they're Mr. Independent and will only eat if you cut the food into little chunks and put it on a plate. Or no plate and just on the tray. Or not in front of them at all, just finger fed to them. But don't you dare think of trying to get that squash in my mouth with a spoon!

Hayes is guilty of all of the above and while we realize how lucky we are to have a kid who is, for the most part, a very enthusiastic and adventurous eater, mealtime can definitely be frustrating for this mama, who is usually the one trying to get some sort of nourishment down her baby's throat. He has his favorites (typical kid stuff a la mac and cheese, quesadillas, cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit) and his not so favorites (broccoli and avocado come to mind), but every meal is completely different.

When we feed him mac and cheese, as soon as he sees it, he starts jumping up and down in his seat, screaming with joy. The 3.5 minutes it takes for the noodles to cook in the microwave is the longest 3.5 minutes of my week and I can't blow on it fast enough to cool it off when it comes out so the delicious morsels of cheesy goodness can land in his mouth. By far, my favorite meal to feed him - it's so easy! And I just found some whole grain easy mac so now I don't feel as bad about the lack of nutritional benefits found in the stuff I've been giving him :)

When he has something he doesn't like, he'll put it in his mouth, then push it to the front of his lips with his tongue until it falls out onto his bib, or he'll grab it with his fingers. He'll then either hand the half chewed piece of food back to me, or throw it on the ground (with purpose - it infuriates me!) or sometimes, he likes to take everything he doesn't like and put it into the built in cup holder on his tray. Hey, at least he's organized!

I find myself taking lots of pictures and videos of him while he eats, which I'm not sure if I'll ever find use for, or maybe I'll appreciate having captured these moments when he's older and I can show him how it used to be. I wanted to share a couple of the many I've taken - the first shows him eating a meal he doesn't like (which in his defense, looking at the food in the video, the presentation could have been worked on, but it was delicious butternut squash ravioli and veggies so it wasn't that bad!). The second shows him eating something he does like - cottage cheese - leaning forward in his seat and adding some accompanying sound effects to express his delight. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Recap...

This weekend was a busy one, with lots of family in town and lots of people to keep our main man entertained.

Auntie V and Uncle Andrew arrived on Saturday morning, just in time for us to wake Hayes up so we could squeeze in a quick lunch before Toddle Tunes. Since TT is at 1p every Saturday and Hayzey's morning naps have been pretty epic as of late (this past Sunday, he slept from 10a - 12:30p!!), we've been finding ourselves having to wake him up more often than not lately so we can get some lunch in before class. Auntie V lucked out this time as Hayes was particularly delicious and happy when we got him up on Saturday; I wish there was a way I could bottle those moments up and experience them forever...

We skipped Tender Greens in favor of a more convenient and filling lunch at a new pizza place called 800 Degrees. For those of you LA locals who haven't been yet, you must give it a try - the pizzas are delish and it's super quick and easy which equals very family friendly ;-) And an added bonus is that you get to see the guys making your pizza, so it's fun for Hayzey to watch while we wait.

After lunch, Andrew and Grant headed to the range to hit some balls and Auntie V and I took Hayes to Toddle Tunes, which he absolutely loved again. He is a serious social butterfly in the classes we've taken him to and could care less if we're there or not. Here are a couple shots I snapped of him with his friends:
Oh Ollie, give it to me and I'll show you how it's done...
Impressing the chicks with his skills...
Bubbles? What the hell are those?
We went to Son of a Gun on Saturday night and it didn't disappoint. In fact, we made a reservation for a month from now when Grant's cousin and girlfriend are in town as we were on our way out... THAT's how good it is (and how hard it is to get ressies!).

The Greats arrived on Sunday morning and we went to a nice brunch at Factors (Hayes had the silver dollar pancakes and could not shovel the bites in his mouth fast enough!) and after an afternoon of basketball watching for the boys and pedicures for the girls,  Nini and Darryl prepared an absolute feast for dinner. 

Here's an adorable shot I took of the "men" watching the game. Can you spot the youngest fan?
And here are some cute ones of Hayes helping me unload the dishwasher and Hayes the contortionist...

It was a great weekend and we're so grateful to have so much family in our life. We just wished everyone (including the Mailloux clan) lived closer so we could do it more often :-(
Gearing up for the big party this weekend - weather right now says it's going to be partly cloudy and 67 degrees. I'll take it! Still can't believe our little guy is going to be 1 in 5 short days...

Hope y'all have a great week!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

Auntie V and Uncle Andy are in town this weekend - yay! - so we'll have lots of the Cohen clan up here to spend some quality time with the boy. On the agenda?:

...the troops don't descend on us until tomorrow, so tonight, we're taking it easy with some Chinese take-out and a good flick on the tube.
...brunch somewhere delicious (maybe Tender Greens) tomorrow, before Victoria and I take Hayes to his weekly Toddle Tunes.
...dinner at our absolute favorite tomorrow night, Son of a Gun. My mouth is already salivating over the fried chicken sandwich and shrimp toast. Yum!
...finalizing party plans for the big birthday bash next weekend. I'm in the process of making the favors and we're stocking up on supplies this afternoon.
...a big day on Sunday when Hayzey's greats come up and meet Uncle Andy for the first time (no pressure!). Not sure what we'll do but I'm confident it will involve lots of food :)
...enjoying an extra day of the weekend on Monday since our offices are closed for President's Day. Gotta love long weekends!
Hope y'all have a good one!

my amazing Christmas pressie from Victoria - props to her observing my Pinterest lust list :)  

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 16: Something New...

This isn't my news to share, but I vetted it through the mama-to-be and decided that it doesn't get any more au courant than a brand spanking new babe in the world, so in honor of today's challenge, 'Something New', I present an image of this important day:

This, my friends, is the due date for the newest member of the Kelly clan! Yep, Jess and Matt are expecting their second bundle of joy, Hank is going to be a big brother and Hayes is no longer going to be the baby of the fam. So beyond excited and thrilled for all involved; newborns are absolutely delicious and as our little man nears his 1 year mark, I find myself nostalgic for the sweet baby smell and calmness of a little one who is happy to sit in your arms all day long. Not being in the place ourselves to welcome another of our own just yet, having a new niece or nephew should satisfy this longingness just swimmingly.

Not sure if they're going to find out the sex - they didn't with Hankapotamus - so we might be sitting on the edge of our seats until the baby's big debut, but boy or girl, I can't wait to meet the newest member of our rapidly-expanding extended family sometime in the late Summer :)

Congrats Kellys!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catching up with the challenge...

Day 11: Makes You Happy:
The Big Chill - best fro yo in LA hands down.
Day 12: Inside Your Closet:
A tiny portion of the shoes in my closet... the joys of having your in-laws own a shoe store!
Day 13: Blue:
Little boy blue at the park...
Day 14: Heart:
Doughboys red velvet cake; our gift to Auntie Tina for watching the boy last night...
Day 15: Phone:
The adorable face I get to look at every time I turn on my phone...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Photo Credit - Pinterest
Happy Valentine's Day, my sweets!
Today is a special Valentine's as it's our little man's first. There were lots of open mouth kisses to be had by all this morning and the greatest gift of all? We think he might have said his very first word and we think that very first word was a form of "Mama"! It more specifically sounded like "Mum mum mum mum mum" - which he whined whilst raising his arms in the air, wanting to be picked up by yours truly - but I'll take it!
We weren't sure when we first heard it whether he was just making the "mum" sound, so we actually did something a little mean and put him back down on the bed to see if he'd want to be picked up and do it again, and he did! 
Talk about melting this mama's heart :)

Nanna Susu came bearing gifts (no pun intended!) this morning - a teddy bear for the boy and beeeautifil yellow roses pour moi. That woman is too good to us! We're reciprocating with a bottle of wine for her to enjoy with her best gal pals during her weekly poker game.

Tonight, Auntie Tina is coming over to be a warm body in the house while Hayes sleeps (Uncle Josh has class) and my grown-up valentine and I are heading to dinner at a brand spankin' new French restaurant, Bistro Bagatelle. See, being parents doesn't mean you can't still hit the trendy spots!

I'm super far behind on my #FEBPHOTOADAY Challenge (which frankly, is becoming quite the burden!), but will do a long post of those this week, as well as a current Hayes-isms entry. The personality is bursting from that little body these days and there's lots to report!

Hope you all have a lovely Valentine's day, 
filled with chocolate, flowers and quality time with your lovelies :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Friday!

We are doing something prrrretty ridiculous tonight... 
In honor of our beloved friend, Patrick's birthday, we're taking a TMZ tour through Hollywood and Beverly Hills to check out all the "hot spots" that the stars frequent in this little place we live called La La Land. A little silly considering that I think we attend those places on a weekly basis, but Pat is quite the star f**ker (for lack of a better term) so this activity is right up his alley :) After the tour, we're headed for a night out on the town in Hollywood. 
I'm already dreading tomorrow - hangovers with babies are no bueno at all :(

We don't have too many other plans for this weekend. Hayes will continue his love affair with music tomorrow when we take our second Toddle Tunes class. As you can see, last time, he was quite enthralled with the creepy bearded men who lead the class (and speak in Mandarin half the time, which is quite bazaar but kinda cool) and was also not in the least bit shy about making himself at home and socializing with his friends. Where do you think he gets that from? ;-)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Whatcha got there? Ducks?
I'll take one of those thankyouverymuch!
Do you want a duck?

Oh, hi Ollie!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Door to door...

#FEBPHOTOADAY: Day 9: Front Door.

 And Happy 2nd Birthday to my most favorite nephew in the whole world! May your sense of curiosity and adventurous spirit continue to grow as you do...

We love you Hank :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


#FEBPHOTOADAY Day 8: Sun {shine}:

There's a new addition to the ever-expanding Mailloux clan... A baby of a different breed, Miss Lola LeMon, formerly known as Sunshine. Isn't she a doll?

Wayne and Penny picked her up in California a few weeks ago and she's acclimating well to her new privileged life at Casa Mailloux (as my parents say, did she win the lottery or what?!). Her breeder had been calling her Sunshine but W&P wanted something a little more high brow so after much debate in Maui, they settled on Lola, which I love.

Need to plan a trip out to Scottsdale soon to see the baby. 
Puppies are the best, especially when it's not you doing the midnight potty runs ;-)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dinner and a button...

#FEBPHOTOADAY Day 6: Dinner...

Grant was Mr. Mom last night and after meeting Hayzey and I at the park, he took over dinner and bath time, enabling this Mama to fit in a quick work-out at the gym :)

On the menu? Hayes' favorite - Mac and Cheese with some butternut squash and swiss chard hidden amongst the noodles (I'm finding myself having to limit the amount of times we can give him this easy, satisfying dinner to once per week since I have mother's guilt that this dish has absolutely no nutritional value. He just loves it SO MUCH!). And for us? We dined on a delicious pesto-encrusted salmon, with sauteed spinach and lemon pepper pasta. Yum!

Today's challenge calls for a picture of a button so I snapped this shot of what I'm currently wearing on this cold and rainy LA day:

Here are a couple cute shots from the park yesterday. We're trying to let Hayes explore a little more so we ventured away from the swings and he sat around and observed some of the other kids climbing amongst the park structures. He still doesn't seem to like the dirt and sand that get on his hands when he crawls on the ground (whether it be at the beach or the park) - guess I should enjoy this time now when he's a clean freak as it'll be pockets full of sticks and stones before we know it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap...

This weekend seemed to fly by; I can't believe it's Monday already! 

We had some amazing weather, perfect for our hike on Saturday, which although was more picnic and less hike, Hayes seemed to enjoy himself. 
We'd never been to Franklin Canyon and although it was a little weird to hike alongside moving vehicles for part of the trail, it was absolutely gorgeous and pretty amazing that this little nook of nature is right smack dab in the middle of a bustling metropolis like LA. 

Hayes looks thrilled, doesn't he? ;-)
Eating some orzo with Daddy - how gourmet!
Putting the BOB to good use...

 Hayes even saw his first live duck!

We watched the first half of the Super Bowl at our friend's new pad in the Valley, then headed back to our place to watch the second half with a couple of friends and roast up some dogs. 
Although I don't feel like I watched any of the game or commercials since I was chasing after the little man the whole time, it was the perfect weather to put the TV in the man cave to good use - unbelievable considering it's February! 
Praying we get similar temps for our big birthday bash planned at the end of the month.

Yesterday's #FEBPHOTOADAY called for a picture of 10am:

10am at our house is naptime :)

Have a great week!