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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dinner and a button...

#FEBPHOTOADAY Day 6: Dinner...

Grant was Mr. Mom last night and after meeting Hayzey and I at the park, he took over dinner and bath time, enabling this Mama to fit in a quick work-out at the gym :)

On the menu? Hayes' favorite - Mac and Cheese with some butternut squash and swiss chard hidden amongst the noodles (I'm finding myself having to limit the amount of times we can give him this easy, satisfying dinner to once per week since I have mother's guilt that this dish has absolutely no nutritional value. He just loves it SO MUCH!). And for us? We dined on a delicious pesto-encrusted salmon, with sauteed spinach and lemon pepper pasta. Yum!

Today's challenge calls for a picture of a button so I snapped this shot of what I'm currently wearing on this cold and rainy LA day:

Here are a couple cute shots from the park yesterday. We're trying to let Hayes explore a little more so we ventured away from the swings and he sat around and observed some of the other kids climbing amongst the park structures. He still doesn't seem to like the dirt and sand that get on his hands when he crawls on the ground (whether it be at the beach or the park) - guess I should enjoy this time now when he's a clean freak as it'll be pockets full of sticks and stones before we know it!

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