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Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Friday!

We are doing something prrrretty ridiculous tonight... 
In honor of our beloved friend, Patrick's birthday, we're taking a TMZ tour through Hollywood and Beverly Hills to check out all the "hot spots" that the stars frequent in this little place we live called La La Land. A little silly considering that I think we attend those places on a weekly basis, but Pat is quite the star f**ker (for lack of a better term) so this activity is right up his alley :) After the tour, we're headed for a night out on the town in Hollywood. 
I'm already dreading tomorrow - hangovers with babies are no bueno at all :(

We don't have too many other plans for this weekend. Hayes will continue his love affair with music tomorrow when we take our second Toddle Tunes class. As you can see, last time, he was quite enthralled with the creepy bearded men who lead the class (and speak in Mandarin half the time, which is quite bazaar but kinda cool) and was also not in the least bit shy about making himself at home and socializing with his friends. Where do you think he gets that from? ;-)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Whatcha got there? Ducks?
I'll take one of those thankyouverymuch!
Do you want a duck?

Oh, hi Ollie!

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