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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mealtime with Hayes...

Anybody who has a baby knows that mealtime is always a gamble and you never quite know what to expect. At lunch, your kid can absolutely love grapes; dinnertime, they can't get them out of their line of vision fast enough. One meal, they will only eat if spoon fed; another, they're Mr. Independent and will only eat if you cut the food into little chunks and put it on a plate. Or no plate and just on the tray. Or not in front of them at all, just finger fed to them. But don't you dare think of trying to get that squash in my mouth with a spoon!

Hayes is guilty of all of the above and while we realize how lucky we are to have a kid who is, for the most part, a very enthusiastic and adventurous eater, mealtime can definitely be frustrating for this mama, who is usually the one trying to get some sort of nourishment down her baby's throat. He has his favorites (typical kid stuff a la mac and cheese, quesadillas, cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit) and his not so favorites (broccoli and avocado come to mind), but every meal is completely different.

When we feed him mac and cheese, as soon as he sees it, he starts jumping up and down in his seat, screaming with joy. The 3.5 minutes it takes for the noodles to cook in the microwave is the longest 3.5 minutes of my week and I can't blow on it fast enough to cool it off when it comes out so the delicious morsels of cheesy goodness can land in his mouth. By far, my favorite meal to feed him - it's so easy! And I just found some whole grain easy mac so now I don't feel as bad about the lack of nutritional benefits found in the stuff I've been giving him :)

When he has something he doesn't like, he'll put it in his mouth, then push it to the front of his lips with his tongue until it falls out onto his bib, or he'll grab it with his fingers. He'll then either hand the half chewed piece of food back to me, or throw it on the ground (with purpose - it infuriates me!) or sometimes, he likes to take everything he doesn't like and put it into the built in cup holder on his tray. Hey, at least he's organized!

I find myself taking lots of pictures and videos of him while he eats, which I'm not sure if I'll ever find use for, or maybe I'll appreciate having captured these moments when he's older and I can show him how it used to be. I wanted to share a couple of the many I've taken - the first shows him eating a meal he doesn't like (which in his defense, looking at the food in the video, the presentation could have been worked on, but it was delicious butternut squash ravioli and veggies so it wasn't that bad!). The second shows him eating something he does like - cottage cheese - leaning forward in his seat and adding some accompanying sound effects to express his delight. Enjoy!

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