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Friday, March 2, 2012

1 Year Check-up and Happy Friday!

We've had quite a jam packed day today, starting bright and early at 6:30a, when the boy decided he was ready to rise and shine! Those early morning wake-up calls are always fun when Grant is away (he's currently doing bad stuff with his friends at a bachelor party in Las Vegas), but I suppose they're so few and far between that we can tolerate them every once in awhile. I'm telling you, this late sleeper spoils his mom and dad ;-) And who could be annoyed when you're dealing with this:

Anyhow, we had our usual morning bottle, brekkie and household hobbies (pulling out the trash bags, going through purses, making sure Greta's food wasn't poisoned...) and after waking up early from his morning nap (the teething must be the culprit for this disinterest in sleep - yes, we FINALLY have a tooth - more on that later!), we packed up a lunch and headed to WeHo to meet up with our friends Lizzie and Ollie for lunch in the park.

It's really nice that as Hayes gets older and we don't have to worry so much about what foods not to give him, he can kind of pick off of whatever we're eating, so although I packed him up a lunch of leftover chicken curry, cottage cheese and half a banana, he ended up eating that and sharing some of my meal, which was a delicious pork belly banh mi and side pasta salad from Mendocino Farms. Fancy!

After the park, we headed to Beverly Hills for his 1 year appointment. Hayes had to get three shots - chicken pox, MMR and Hep A - and also a prick to test if he was anemic. He was SUCH a champ and cried and screamed a little, but quickly got over it. Poor little guy sat in my lap while they pricked and prodded him so I felt his body tense up with every shot :-(

The rest of the check-up was great although he was super hyper and active so it made talking to the doctor a little challenging as he wouldn't sit still. He gained a little over a pound since last time (so now he's 23 lbs 5.5 oz - 50-75%) and measured 30.25 inches (again, 50-75% - last time he was 29 inches). Developmentally, he seems spot on for where he's supposed to be. Doctor says that words should be coming soon as he's already showing that he can imitate what we say (when I was there, I was telling her about how he'd said 'Mum mum mum' - which we've since realized has nothing to do with my name, it was just a new sound he'd been working on - and he said "Mama" as if he was telling the story himself!). 

And thankfully since he's FINALLY getting his first tooth - his bottom left one - she says we don't have to worry about that whole 15 month x-ray thing as he's shown that he'll grow them. So that's a relief!

We've got a mellow weekend on tap as we're still recovering from last weekend's craziness... 
Our plans include:

...laying low tonight as Grant returns from Vegas and will probably be wiped.out. 
...Toddle Tunes tomorrow, perhaps preceded by a yummy lunch at 800 Degrees?
...birthday dinner for moi tomorrow night at my absolute fave, Mastros. Salivating thinking about it.
...1st birthday party for Hayes' friend Gavin on Sunday. It's supposed to be 82 and sunny - gotta love LA in March!
Monday, we are headed back to Mommy & Me for Graduation with the same babies we used to meet with every week when Hayes was a wee babe. Excited to see how all the babies have grown :)

Hope y'all have a good weekend, wherever you are!

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  1. Happy Birthday (albeit belatedly) to Hayes! You are soooooo cute. Love your Dake cousins in Livemore, CA Hope to see you soon!