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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bad Blogger...

I've been a bad blogger lately, but I swear it's not my fault... This darn thing I call my day job has just been getting in the way of my blogging fun! I've found myself super duper busy at work lately and it leaves little time for me to update you all on life's shenanigans. Usually I can find a small chunk of time at work to put in a quick post but the days have been running away from me and by the time I get home at night, get the boy all squared away (dinner, playtime, bath, more playtime, bottle, book & bed) and collapse on the couch after G and I eat, I'm so exhausted, the last thing I feel like doing is opening up my computer!

Anyways, forgive me if my posts have become few and far between and I'll do my best to remain consistent with new information and pictures to keep you readers entertained. It's our busiest time of year at work with a bunch of events and new programs coming up, so that's been great - it just leaves a little less time for everything else!

Auntie V blew into town last weekend in a blink-and-you-might-miss-it fashion. It seriously felt like she was there for a total of 2 seconds as she arrived late Fri eve and left Sun afternoon. But Hayes enjoyed spending time with his favorite Cohen aunt (see what I did there?) and was so sad to see her go, he's been whining about it all week!
Auntie V, come back!
Here are a couple more snaps from the weekend. We went to the park on Friday afternoon and logged in some swing and sand time. Hayes is very curious about other kids and is constantly checking them out - it's the cutest! Nanna Susu has a friend who owns a daycare and we're excited to have her take Hayes there to play with the other kids and make some new friends  - and once the weather warms up, we're hoping she'll take him to the park more often. A boy's gotta play!

Hayes found this toy at the park and started playing with it and trying to fill it up with sand. He didn't quite understand how to, so he literally tried to pick up a single grain of sand and drop it in there over and over again. The cutest!
Hey guys, whatcha doin over there? Can I play?
Here are some shots from Toddle Tunes. I think we have a future drummer on our hands... 

And here's a little vid of our newest game in the bath. Hilar.

That's all I have time for today - gots to get back to work - but keep your eyes out for Hayes 13 month pictures later this week (our boy is a teen! And he's certainly acting like it...)


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