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Thursday, March 15, 2012


The little guy is bursting with personality these days and I am loving every minute. Some of my recent faves include...

- he loves to take sips from adult cups and bottles. When he sees them, he makes an "ahhh!" sound, you know, like the sound you make when you've just had an incredibly refreshing sip of something delicious. Hayes makes this sound before the liquid has even touched his lips and after every sip he takes. Adorable!
- he likes to play this new game where he'll stand on the edge of the couch or a chair and bury his face into the pillow over and over again. I think he really thinks he's hiding when he does this. It never gets old.
- he isn't saying any real words yet, but sometimes, when Grant is in the other room, Hayes will yell out "Da-dey!" with all of his might. I like to think this is him requesting his father's attention.
- On that same note, he definitely knows who his Mama and Daddy are. The minute I walk in the door after being at work all day and am greeted with a face that legitimately lights up with delight at the sight of me is by far the best minute of the entire day.
- he knows where his head and belly are, can play peekaboo like a pro and is still fluent in Native American speak. Oh, and he also knows how to pull off his socks.
- I've said it before but those two teeth poking through those gums are the cutest teeth I have ever seen.
 - whenever we open up the mancave, Hayes goes directly to the chair in the corner where Grant keeps the football and pulls it down. I've never seen a father look at his son with more pride in his eyes...

That's Hayes at 12 1/2 months. We're anxiously awaiting his first words (any bets on what it'll be?!) and feel like walking is imminent (there hasn't been any progress since last week but he basically runs while he's cruising now so that's the logical next step!).


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