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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I am 31 years old and I am not ashamed to admit that I love to swing. I mean, honestly, who doesn't? When was the last time you were on a swing, fully pumping away, wind blowing in your face, experiencing that exhilarating feeling in your stomach as you soared through the air? To me, it's the closest I'll ever come to flying (no skydiving for this lady, I'm nobody's fool!) and I love it.

Grant always makes fun of me for this childish guilty pleasure I partake in whenever we're both at the park with Hayes, even going so far as to secretly snap photos and try to humiliate me by posting them on facebook (no humiliation here, as I said, I'm not ashamed! EXCEPT when there's a lot of people at the park and it's not obvious that you're there with a baby... A wierdo adult swinging away solo on a busy afternoon can look a bit creepy to the outside eye...). Anyways, when we were at the park last week, I couldn't resist capturing Mr. Judgy-Judgerson as he enjoyed a little swing time himself. Check out that dismount!

Pump, pump, pump it up!
Swings are for kids? Oh, really...
Someone's had some practice with this...
I've been doing some major housekeeping this week in what little spare time I've had, finally getting around to uploading all of Hayes' 1st year videos onto his youtube channel and finishing up his baby book. Will post the link to the vids when they're ready - there are a lot of them but I'm so thankful I've captured those moments as they've happened. It's fun to look back on the different stages he's gone through and how much he's already grown!

Check out his 13 month photos here when you have a chance. Hayes' 13th month included attending his 1st birthday party for one of his best friends, Gavin; graduation from infant to toddler in Mommy & Me; a weekend getaway to Palm Springs; his first teeth (finally!!); and lots of trips to the park and Toddle Tunes.

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