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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The huz and I did a mini-East Coast Swing this past weekend, traveling to Boston for Marathon weekend (Nissan is a sponsor) and making a pit-stop in Rhode Island to attend a wedding of one of Grant's fraternity brothers.

We really lucked out and got some ah-mazing weather - so amazing that we actually had to buy more appropriate clothing while there for the high temps (who would've thunk that visitors from California wouldn't have the right clothing for Boston in April?!). Marathon Monday had record-breaking temperatures - we were sweaty just walking around the city so I can't imagine what it would have been like to run in that... I guess that's why 3,800 participants dropped out - yikes!

The wedding in RI was a tame one (bar closed at 9:30 and we were back in Boston by 11p) but we were grateful for that on Sunday morning when we awoke feeling refreshed. And it enabled us to do some old-fashioned day drinking around my old stomping grounds after watching the Sox beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (with not-too-shabby seats about 10 rows behind home plate - gotta love being the client for once!). 

Congrats Calendas!
Danielson Hall - my home for 4 months in 1999...
Go Sox!
One of many lobster rolls we enjoyed... It was basically oysters and shellfish for every meal!
Overall, it was a really fun weekend - good to spend some quality time with each other sans baby, although we missed him terribly. Grandma and Grandpa Cohen were more than happy to step in as mom and dad this weekend and care for the boy, who unfortunately came down with a cold, an extremely bad case of eczema (like the worst I've ever seen) and - brace yourselves - hand, foot and mouth disease (?!?!) right before we left. Yep, that's a thing that still exists, even though it sounds like it's from the 1800s - it's basically just a virus that's passed around kids (kind of like the chicken pox) which results in little sores all over their hands, feet and mouth (hence the name). Supposedly very, very painful, but not much that can be done about it besides just letting it run it's course. Happy to report that he's doing much, much better now and is definitely on the mend, although I think it'll be a couple weeks before his skin completely clears up. Good thing too, for as you can see from the below pic, he's a busy, busy boy with lots of places to go and people to see!

We've got a couple days in LA this week (well I do at least - poor huz was on a 7a flight up to SF this am and we didn't get home until after midnight last night!) and then Auntie V and Uncle Andrew come to town on Friday for Darryl's bday weekend. We're headed to San Diego for some R&R - hoping to get some pool time in and a much needed massage... Then we don't have any plans to go anywhere (on the weekend, at least) for the next couple of weeks and are very much looking forward to vegging out at home in LA - April has been a whirlwind, to say the least!

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