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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

La Costa...

We had a great weekend in San Diego with the Cohen clan. Weather was a little crummy unfortunately, but I got an amazing massage (one of those ones where you think you've actually fallen asleep at one point - the.absolute.best) and Grant got in a round of golf. Top it off with a delicious dinner and lots of babysitting from Grandma & Grandpa and I'd say we celebrated Darryl's birthday quite nicely ;-)

Besides the whole weather not being nice problem, the resort we stayed at La Costa, seemed like a really great place to bring a family. Rooms were nice, lots of grass and lazy hammocks for adults and kids to play on, tons of pools (even one with a large slide that I'm still kicking myself for not going on) and a couple of good dining options. Spa was pretty heavenly, there's a golf course and gym and even an adorable little market/gift shop where you can pick up snacks and coffee (which we've learned is a must have for when we travel with Hayes).

I was on my own with the boy for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon and to pass the time, Hayes and I went down to the main area of the resort to people-watch and share an ice cream. It was so fun being able to do such an adult activity with my boy and as you can see from the pictures below, he definitely enjoyed our scoop of strawberry...

Here are a couple of other pics from the weekend. Enjoy!
Hayes had a good snooze on the way down to SD. Look at those luscious lips!

Wild man hair...
I've been in single-mom mode all week while the huz travels the country on business - he's hit up Detroit and Chicago and tomorrow he's off to Atlanta before returning home on Friday. We miss him terribly but we're passing the time by going on runs together with the BOB (I'm on a mission to get my buns into shape before we go to Cabo in 2 months), catching up on trashy television (current obsession is Guiliana & Bill) and oh, just eating Mama's toes... ;-)

Love that kid.

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