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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Teething + Mastering a Monumental New Skill = No Bueno

It's the cutest thing in the world watching Hayes master how to walk. He's all clumsy, hands up in the air trying to find balance, not quite using the entire area of his tiny little feet for support, eventually swaying and falling down 9 times out of 10. Sometimes he falls down forward so hard, it's a miracle his tiny little arms don't break in half and I'm always sure a full on bawl-fest will ensue, but it's quite the opposite; he thinks it's high-larious! 

Greta's worst nightmare comes true...
Grant and I find ourselves hovering over him, covering sharp corners and stone walls in the fear that he'll take a trip and smash right into them. I guess it's bound to happen and we'll get used to it eventually and just let him be, but boy-oh-boy is it nerve-wracking for these first time parents...

We're in Newport Beach this weekend, staying at Pelican Hill with my parents. A quick weekend getaway for Grant to play some golf and for myself to hopefully log in some relaxation time. Unfortunately, we think Hayzey might be sprouting some new teeth as he's been extra fussy as of late (thank god for Infant Advil!) and has a seriously runny nose (which we realized was a tell-tale sign last time he got some new chompers). This, coupled with that whole mastering how to walk thing means his sleeping - and ours - has been disrupted so that's been kind of a bummer. Mostly I just feel bad for the little guy - he's got a lot going on right now!

We brought Hayes along to dinner at House of Big Fish & Cold Beer in Laguna Beach last night - the views of the sunset were amazing and the food and beer were pretty damn tasty as well, but dining with an over-hungry and tired 13 month old was anything but enjoyable. Lesson learned - I think we'll be leaving Hayes at home for dinner for awhile to come, it's worth the money for the babysitter!

Grant's out golfing with my parents as we speak, the boy is napping and I'm about to dive into the latest issue of InStyle, while enjoying the amazing view our villa has of the Pacific Ocean. We'll meet everyone for lunch and a swim after Hayes wakes up and then my mother and I are heading down to Tootsies this afternoon for some much-needed pedis.

Watching Daddy, Nana & Papa on the golf course... The view isn't too shabby
Tonight, we're going to my absolute favorite Italian, Modo Mio with both sets of grandparents (but are leaving the little man at home with a sitter - phew!). And tomorrow, we'll cap off the weekend with a delicious Easter brunch at Pelican Hill. Hoping they have a stellar eggs benny - doesn't get much more Easter than that!

The next few weeks are going to be a whirlwind - work trip to Milwaukee on Mon/Tues, headed to Boston/RI for a work trip/wedding next Fri-Mon, then Auntie V is coming back to town and we're all headed to San Diego for Darryl's 60th the weekend after that. So I'll try and post as much as possible in between, but am fair warning that it might be a little slow around aladyandherloves. And that's the last time I'm going to make excuses for it - it is what it is and that's that!

Hope the Easter bunny is good to you all and you have a Happy Easter, wherever you may be!
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