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Friday, April 27, 2012

The weekend is here - yay!! -  and what do we have on tap? For the first time in over 3 weeks, we have no house guests, no trips to go on, no activities planned...NOTHING! We're very much looking forward to having a low-key weekend at home and spending some time just the 3 of us ;-)

Grant has been gone all week, traveling the country like a professional business man. He's en route to LA as we speak and we're anxious to have him back. As you can see, the boy missed his 'ole dad terribly, as evidenced by these photos I snapped this morning of him looking for Daddy in bed after he was finished with his morning milk (a ritual of sorts):

Dad, are you under there?
No Daddy here, what the hell?
This afternoon, Hayes and I are headed to The Grove to meet up with some old friends, Kara and Colin, who we haven't seen in almost a year. Kara is a mom I met while on maternity leave - we used to do Mommy & Me yoga together and her son, Colin is about a month older than Hayes. We reconnected a couple of weeks ago when I saw on FB that she was prego with her second and decided we were way overdue for a lunch playdate. I'm excited to see the littles together again (when we did yoga, the bulk of their interaction was them lying next to each other like two bumps on a log, sometimes even sleeping - ah, those were the days!) and also curious to hear how she's feeling about welcoming another little babe in the next couple months. 

Tonight, our hip-as-can-be neighborhood is having a block party, complete with food trucks and a DJ, so we're going to walk on over to that with the boy and enjoy a casual evening of some of our favorite delicacies, including the Nom Nom Truck and Coolhaus. Delish!

No plans on tap during the day tomorrow or Sunday, just a whole lotta lounging about. Tomorrow night, we're headed to Sunny Spot in Venice to celebrate our dear friend Josh's birthday with friends. It feels like forever since we've seen that crew so we're excited for that as well.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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