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Thursday, May 3, 2012

14 Months!

Hard to believe our little man is already a walking, babbling 14 month old. My-oh-my how time flies!
Here's a couple of recent Hayes-isms we've been enjoying:

...he's obviously taken note of his dad and Nanna Susu's love of cleaning (and maybe mama's lack thereof!) and taken to helping wipe the table and floors after mealtime.
Bus boy in training?
...he loves to be tossed. That is, when we pile up pillows on the couch and toss him into them. He laughs and laughs and comes climbing back for more.
...the only time he'll sit still during the day is right before he goes to bed, when we're watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune on TV. That kid is going to be a game show whiz...
...when toes are exposed, he's trying to get them in his mouth. We weren't sure if it was just his Mama's feet he was partial to, but it turns out he's not picky - his Dad's sweaty, post work-out feet will do just as well. It's becoming a problem.
...he LOVES to push buttons, whether it be on the alarm, garage door, DirecTV box. He would literally stand there for hours opening and closing the garage with the clicker. Side note, the closest we've seen him come to throwing a tantrum was when we took said clicker away from him. It was as if we had told him he could never eat macaroni and cheese again.
...he loves to be chased. He gets all excited and squeals with delight. 
...he is fascinated with the toilet and garbage cans. Toys have been found floating in the toilet bowl and objects have gone missing, presumably thrown into the trash.
...He calls everything 'mama', including me. Don't know if it means anything, but if he can only say one word, you bet your ass I'm happy it's that one ;-)

Click the link below for his 14 month pics:

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