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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorable Memorial Day

We spent Memorial Day with the entire Mailloux clan in Scottsdale - a rare treat to have everyone in the same place at the same time. Weather was perfect - slightly cooler than usual but still in the mid-80s, hot enough to lie by the pool but not too hot that you were sweating profusely and having to continuously dip in the water to cool off.

Our little guy had a harder time than usual adjusting to his weekend digs - naps were pretty much non-existent and putting him down included much more rocking and forehead rubbing than we're accustomed to. We were sure we had ruined him and his impeccable sleeping habits for good, but much to our delight, the night we got home, we followed the usual routine, he hopped into bed, happy as can be and it was off to slumberland. This morning, he didn't wake up until 8:45 (I selfishly snuck in before I left for work just so I could give him some morning smooches!), so I think it's safe to say he's back to his old self. Phew!
If Hayes were a girl...
We did notice that another tooth is FINALLY coming in - the top right hand one next to where his front teeth would be - so I imagine that had something to do with his behavioral changes whilst in the desert. It's already broken the gum and I can't wait to see his new silly grin with a spattering of teeth here and there throughout his mouth. Hobo Hayes?

Hayes was literally Hank's shadow all weekend, giving him hugs, observing him play and following him around everywhere. I think Hank got a kick out of it, which was a good sign for his unborn brother or sister who'll be here before we know it.
Kisses for Hayes!
Playing in the rocks (which infuriated Nana & Papa but kept the boys busy while Grant & I were on babysitting duty!)
Not so stoked to share his tub...
...but quite happy to share his milk!
 I couldn't resist sharing this adorable video of the littles as well. Please excuse my father and brother-in-law's inappropriate Brokeback Mountain jokes, it's just some cousin love!

Speaking of Baby Kelly II, the girls surprised Jess with an impromptu baby shower of sorts, which included mani/pedis, followed by lunch at the English Tea Room. It was fun to spend some time with the Mailloux gals and talk about the exciting addition that'll be a part of our family soon. Jess and Matt have opted to be surprised on the sex of the baby, but most of us think Hank will be getting a new little brother. I guess we'll know soon enough!
Mailloux gals + baby-to-be having a spot of tea...
 Other than that, we spent the rest of the weekend golfing (well, Grant did at least!), lounging by the pool (I finally finished '50 Shades of Smut' and have happily moved onto 'Bringing Up Bebe') and eating far too much BBQ. That's what Memorial Day is all about though, right?!

Who's been sleeping in my bed?
Matching Vilebrequins...
Hope y'all had a great holiday!

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