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Friday, May 4, 2012


It's Cinco de Mayo this weekend, one of our favorite holidays! I mean, who doesn't like an excuse to gorge on Mexican food, drink margaritas all day long and beat a donkey named Diego with a stick until loads of sugary candy falls out? Guilty!


Our friend Susan has an annual Cinco de Drinko party every year at her place on the Westside. Usually it's a day-drinking affair but modifications have had to be made since having the little guy. The grandparents are comin up tomorrow late afternoon so we'll head over at a more respectable 6p to throw back a few cold ones at Susan's and then start a Westside bar crawl along the Mexican joints that line Washington Blvd. Can't say I'm looking too forward to the way I'll be feeling on Sunday morning...

Since we don't have any plans until early evening tomorrow, we're planning on taking Hayzey back to Gymboree. I had to talk to three different managers there to get him into the class - apparently, it's quite a popular one and they're making an exception for us for tomorrow only - but we really think he'll love being able to climb around on everything, since when we took Gymboree with him before, he wasn't even crawling. Then moving forward, we can stop in on the Sunday class whenever we want. It'll be a good place to take him with no commitment (most of the other classes you have to sign up for a month, they have weird make-up rules and they make you feel really tied down) and since we needed something to fill the swim lesson void, we thought this was perfect.

The only other thing on the agenda this weekend is a surprise birthday brunch on Sunday for one of our friends at Papa Cristos, a delicious Greek restaurant downtown. Other than that, there will just be a whole lotta this:

Hope you enjoy the weekend!

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