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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A perfect weekend...

This past weekend was prrretty perfect. Weather was amazing (seriously, couldn't have been better), the boy was on his best behavior and it was really nice to spend some much needed time alone as a family.

As I mentioned last week, we started the weekend off with a lunch play date at The Grove with some old friends from our Mommy & Me yoga days. Hayes and Collin hit it off and even shared a lunch and fed each other at the table. The cutest! It was really nice to reconnect with my old friend and we both decided that we needed to be better about staying in touch moving forward, especially after we saw how much fun the boys had together.


Hey, wait for me!
I cannot get enough of shots from the back. Too.Cute.
Grant caught the earlier flight back from Atlanta on Friday so after an afternoon run with his dad, we took a pajama-clad Hayzey over to the Pico-Robertson Block Party and loaded up on a food truck feast to enjoy al fresco in the backyard. We decided to forgo the Nom Nom Truck in order to try some of the other offerings, which included a delicious burger, belgian style double dipped fries and sweet potato and pepper jack croquettes. For dessert, we had a dirty mint ice cream sando and to wash it all down, Grant made some delicious frozen lemonade cocktails. I think the meal must have totaled over 5,000 calories but it was mighty tasty! And so convenient to have within walking distance of the house. These events are held the last Friday of every month throughout the Summer so we'll definitely be in attendance for more of them.

As I mentioned, the weather on Saturday and Sunday was perfecto so we got some good use out of the backyard and also had a picnic on the grass at the LA County Museum of Art. Hayes loved running around and checking out all of the activity going on there and we'll definitely do that again. It's great to be outside in wide open spaces as we don't have to worry so much about him falling down and hitting his head on sharp corners, etc... And a little fresh air is good for everyone, right?

Check back tomorrow for Hayes' 14 month photos.


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