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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

VIP Service...

Leave it up to Hayes to have a personal hair stylist who'll trim his locks in the privacy of his own home. Our very own Nanna Susu is a graduate of the Vidal Sassoon Academy and was a certified hairdresser (cut and color thankyouverymuch) for twenty years before moving onto her next venture (I swear, the woman has done it all!).

A few months ago, unbeknownst to us, she took it upon herself to give Hayes his very first haircut. As you can imagine, I was less than pleased; Grant even told her she better enjoy her day with Hayes as it might be her last! While I would never fire someone for something like that (let's be honest, we need Susu in our life more than she needs us!), I did tell her that I was upset and asked that the next time she felt the urge to get out her shears, she tell me so I could at least be there for it. And luckily she saved the hair for me so I couldn't be too angry...

Fast forward a couple months and the bangs on our boy were down to the middle of his nose; he desperately needed a cut, but Susu refused. Finally, after a couple of weeks, I think she got sick of him not being able to see out of his eyes and so one day, she brought back in her fancy scissors and we made plans to set up the salon that afternoon.

Since we weren't there for his first cut, we counting this one as Official Cut #1. We've left the hair longer in the back as it's becoming this great mound of blonde curls and wings and because Hayes'll have the rest of his life to keep his hair short so why not let him enjoy a more relaxed look while he can?! 

Here's a video of the big event - so grateful it wasn't me who had to do it as I'm sure an eye would have been poked out. That kid cannot sit still!

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