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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

In honor of Dad's day, I asked the Super Dad of our family to answer a couple of questions on fatherhood. So, enjoy this guest post of sorts from Grant:

Your Parenting Philosophy:
Definitely don't have a "philosophy" per se - and actually think people who try to stick to a certain "philosophy" either have never been a parent or are crazy. If you cant figure out what makes the most sense for your kid in each given situation - particularly when they are less than 2 feet tall and can't talk - then you've "got a real problem".

What did you learn about being a father from your own dad?
Teaching my son to love the Niners, Warriors and Giants - and really sports in general... then we'll always have a shared passion, no matter how different we are in life stages.

First words that pop into your head when you hear "dad":
A tall loud bald guy who likes to eat way too much... then the realization that's exactly where I'm headed this decade.

Fill in the blanks: "The key to being a good dad is":
There is no "key", otherwise it would have been written about in one of the 750 books most woman have read about child-rearing and they would just kick all of us dad's to the curb once they got their kid. Just be a normal person - as that's pretty much the best you can do - and hopefully your kid turns out okay.

Best part of fatherhood:
Getting your kid to laugh uncontrollably (even if only for a few seconds) - its the single most fun thing I can think of that doesn't include a college football team or the city of Las Vegas.

And Happy Father's Day to all of the dads in our lives. You're all an inspiration in your own special way and I couldn't think of better role models for our little man. We love you!
Papa, Grandpa and Hayzey, Christmas 2011

Pops & Hayes, May 2011

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