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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hasta Luego, folks!

Oh, don't mind me... I'll just be saddled up to this bar, enjoying poolside margies for the next 5 days in full relaxation mode. Basically the definition of 'checked out'. Ahhhhhhh..... I feel relaxed just writing that!

Yep, tomorrow the huz and I are off to Cabo San Lucas to enjoy a sun and fun-filled long weekend with three other couples. My parents have very (very!) generously given us access to a house at the One & Only Palmilla, which is supposed to be to.die.for. Hayzey will be staying behind with his other grandparents and Auntie V, holding down the fort in LA and making sure Greta Faye doesn't throw any parties.

So forgive me for the blog silence on a lady... over the next week or so. I'm not bringing my computer, I'm not using my phone for anything but taking glorious photos of scenes a la the above (call Grant's cell if you need to reach us!) and I'm looking forward to...

...delicious dinners al fresco, with plenty of accompanying margaritas.
...a day at sea on Saturday when we rent a private boat to take us around Cabo for the afternoon.
...heavenly massages a deux with my love.
...lots of sleeping in and lounging by our own private pool, no baby monitors in sight!

I'll miss my little booginhead (is it strange that I kind of miss him already?!) but I know he's in good hands ;-) Plus, with FOJ upon us as soon as we get back, I know I'll have some mid-week QT with the boy...

So until next week, hasta luego my friends!

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  1. ummm that is totally where Bethenny went on Bethenny Ever After!!! JEALOUS! How amazing - sounds like a dream! Have fun! My sis & Josh are going with you guys, right? Tell them hi for me :)