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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Innocent until proven guilty...

I got home from work last night and Nanna Susu was flustered, to say the least. She had misplaced her keys and had spent the last half hour frantically searching for them, to no avail. She'd looked in cupboards and closets, couch cushions, toy bins, litter boxes... She was on her way into the kitchen to put on a pair of rubber gloves so she could go diving through our trash bin outside. No luck there either...

You see, Hayes is pretty fascinated with a couple of our trash bins in the house because they open and close with a sensor, so he'll take things from around the house and deposit them into the trash. I've found pajama bottoms, socks, footballs - things that I wasn't quite ready to part with, casually placed atop a pile of garbage. And those are the items I've been lucky enough to find! Who knows what has gone missing forever, accidentally taken out to the trash bins outside and transported to the landfills of Los Angeles (ahem... the diffuser to my hairdryer, maybe)?

So naturally, our first reaction last night when Nanna Susu couldn't find her keys was to blame the little man. After an extensive search, she told me she was going to catch the local bus back to her place (she lives about 5 minutes away in Beverly Hills), to which I told her she was crazy, to get her stuff and I would drive her home. We joked around on the way home about how that little monster was into everything these days and how we were sure it would turn up in the strangest of places. What had Hayes done with the keys?

When I was making dinner last night, every cupboard I opened, I half expected the keys to be sitting right there. It was driving me crazy. Before I went to bed, I got down on my hands and knees and searched all throughout the front family room again. I found some plastic balls from a toy of Hayes' that I didn't even know were missing, along with some of Greta's toy mice, but no keys. 

Susu had told me that along with her car keys, she also had her house keys, our house keys and the keys to the home of the other family she nannies for, along with some spare keys to her friends' homes. "Those keys are my life. I have the keys to Paris on there!" (turns out the Eiffel Tower is her keychain...).

Feeling annoyed that I hadn't found the keys and a little irritated at Hayes for being his rambunctious self and stealing something so important, I decided to call it a night and figured Susu could turn the house upside down today when she was back to find them. I started to put my folded laundry away that was on our bed and noticed that a menswear nightshirt of mine had been placed with Grant's clothes (Susu does all of our laundry - we know, we're incredibly spoiled). I snatched the shirt from the pile and lo and behold, there they were, Paris and all!

And good lord are those keys that woman's life. 13 keys in total, car keys, storage locker keys, what looked like bike lock keys (the mental image of Susu riding a bike makes me chuckle...) - she could be a janitor with all of those keys!

So to make a long story short, although we were quick to blame Hayzey, the case of the missing keys was solved and it turns out the poor kid had nothing to do with it at all! That's not to say that the next time something goes missing, his curious nature won't be the first thing I think of to blame, but it goes to show that you just never know. 

And that lost keys always show up in the last place you look for them ;-)

Hayes actually being helpful for once, putting the sheets in the dirty laundry. And yes, this bin was also checked for the keys...

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