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Monday, June 25, 2012

A perfect summer weekend...

This weekend was one of those perfect summer weekends... gorgeous temps, lots of time outside, fun with friends and of course, plenty of BBQ and bevvies.

What screams Summer more than rocket pops, lobster trunks and your own private plunge pool?
We kicked off the weekend with dinner on Friday night with our friends Lizzie and Paul at our fave, Son of a Gun. Although it wasn't my favorite experience there, the food - smoked mahi mahi dip, shrimp toast, linguini with clams, lobster rolls, fried chicken sandwich, hushpuppies filled with ham and cheese - and cocktails - shaken pina colada for me and a delicious looking frosty snow cone libation for Grant - didn't disappoint. We left full and satisfied ;-)

Saturday kicked off the beginning of our Summer Saturday parties at the Kibbutz. You see, we decided even before we had Hayes that having a baby meant we'd need to do a whole lotta entertaining at our house so our friends could come to us and we could still have a social life. So we created our Summer Saturdays, themed out summer parties filled with fun, food and flowing drinks. We figured one a month was a good number as it would give us some time to recover and plan the next one.

Caribbean Vibes was the theme of this month's Summer Saturday so there were pitchers of rum runners, Jamaican beer and a food spread that included jerk chicken, Cuban black beans, roasted plantains, coconut shrimp and a homemade upside-down pineapple cake with coconut pineapple ice cream to finish it all off (more on that later this week...).

This party was particularly fun for Hayes as he is finally old enough to really seem to enjoy playing with his little buddies. We blew up the kiddie pool and they splashed around while the adults mingled. And as WT as Grant and I felt on Sunday when we were lying in our backyard while Hayes swam in his above-ground pool, we both decided that it was far more relaxing than having a real pool due to that whole worrying-about-drowning thing!

King Hayes getting a ride from his friend, Ollie...
Ollie, the biter, caught on camera...
Ollie and Gavin having a tete-a-tete
 We grilled up some homemade burgers, chili lime corn and caesar salads last night and all went to bed a little more bronzed, with fond memories of the first weekend of summer.

Home ownership and having kids definitely means you're an adult but it's weekends like these that remind you growing up ain't so bad after all ;-)

Check out those buns.

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