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Friday, June 8, 2012

Some Hayes-isms to start your weekend off right...

...he has started walking around with his hands behind his back, much like an old, pensive man would do. Not sure where he picked this one up, but it is adorbs.
 ...he has a repertoire of tricks, but will only do them when you're one-on-one. Not in front of the camera. Not when someone else is there (he makes me look like a delusional crazy woman on a daily basis when I ask him where his ears are in front of others and he responds with a blank stare). He knows where his nose, ears, eyes, mouth, tongue, teeth and feet are. When I ask him where his belly button is, he points to his penis... hey, I guess it's in the general region!
...he bids friends and family adieu with an enthusiastic wave and smooch, only he doesn't realize that to give an air smooch, you must blow the kiss away, so he'll stand there with his hand over his mouth. He's also unbiased about the right time to blow kisses, as evidenced by the greeting he gave his dad last night when he got a peek of him arriving home through the kitchen window.

...he adores being chased.
...sometimes, he'll go into his room and help himself to a mid-day binky (he only gets them when he sleeps). He knows this isn't allowed, so he'll come up to us with a cheeky smile, waiting for us to ask him to hand it over. He does so quite willingly, but I think he views this as a fun game more than him really wanting his binks at that time.
...we're learning how to feed ourselves with a spoon. As you can see, it's going quite well...

On the agenda this weekend?
Nada Mucho.
We have a busy week ahead of us next week (more details on that later) so we're hanging around this weekend, doing dins at home tonight and a double date/art gallery soiree with some friends tomorrow. Hoping to take the boy to the zoo some point soon, although we might not be able to squeeze that in this weekend...

Hope y'all have a good one!

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