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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A weekend fit for a foodie...

I feel like all we did this weekend was eat. 

Grant made quite an impressive sushi spread on Friday night, complete with three different rolls and some asian-inspired cocktails and sides. He was literally in the kitchen for 5 hours preparing the feast and boy-oh-boy was it delish. Here are some snaps of the sushi chef hard at work, as well as the finished result:
Cocktails & fresh cevice...
GI-normous roll...
Needless to say, I always think of sushi as a light meal but we both went to bed stuffed to the gills and Grant swears he put on 4 lbs overnight!

We re-visited Plan Check on Saturday night and tried their burger again. I was afraid that we'd just had a knock-your-socks-off experience the first time and that it was a total fluke. How could such a new place that I hardly ever hear about have a burger that is on par to some of LA's most famous? But let me tell you, it did not disappoint the second go-around. In fact, it's elevated it's status on our list and is currently occupying the #1 position.

It's not a light burger - actually, it's one of the heavier burgers you'll have. Two kinds of cheese, one of them fried, bacon, a fried egg, a little hot sauce, and that delicious ketchup leather I was telling you about, all on top of a greasy patty of meat and sandwiched between a nice soft bun. Uh-mazing! Definitely not good for the 'ole cholesterol but a nice treat once in awhile. We'll for sure be going back to enjoy it again.

Sunday was the SORO Festival so the three of us walked down Robertson and enjoyed some of the food trucks. We had gyros for lunch from Kosher Grill on Wheels (when in Rome, right? They were just okay, kind of bland) and a delicious Hawaiian shaved ice from the King Kone Truck. Hayes could not get enough - I can't wait to give him a taste of the real thing when we resume our annual family trip to Kona (fingers crossed in September!).

After gorging ourselves all weekend, both of the Cohen boys had doctor's appointments to get ready for this week. We took Hayes in for his 15 month check-up yesterday and amidst all of the swooning from Dr. Sabeti and the nurses, we discovered he weighed a hearty 26.4 lbs (our little porcachon is in the 70th percentile!) and measured 31.25 inches long (50th percentile). His head has also grown from his last appointment and is now 19.25 inches around.

Developmentally, the doctor said everything looked great - she observed how smart he was on more than one occasion! But she did say that at 15 months, he should have about 3 words in his vocabulary and if he doesn't start communicating via words by his next check-up at 18 months, she may refer him to a speech therapist. This isn't because she's concerned that he won't speak, but because when they get to be about that age and can't communicate with words, they get very frustrated and tantrums ensue. Makes sense. So let's hope he expands his vocabulary beyond "mama" over the next couple of months! 

We should keep in mind that the kid has already started his spy training and in addition to English, he's mastering Farsi - so the dual language thing might slow him down a bit. BTW did you know 'zaboon' means tongue in Farsi? See, even Mom and Dad are learning a little something!

Superman golfs?!
Khodahafez, my friends!

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