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Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July 2012

The office is very quiet today. I'd say about half of the emails I've sent out have been responded to with OOTO replies from people who have made the mid-week holiday into a longer vacation. Truth be told, I'd probably have done the same had we not just gotten back from Cabo, but since our last day of vacation fell on the Monday of this holiday week, here I am, on the grind.

Luckily, since it's been so quiet, I've actually gotten a fair amount of work done and am finding myself with plenty of time to bring you all up to speed with our FOJ shenanigans ;-)

We're usually very big 4th of July people. For many years, we had an annual trip with the same group of friends, complete with t-shirts, goody bags, some sort of sporting event (for those venues that didn't have professional sporting teams, we'd support the local little leagues - ahem, Palm Springs Power!) and lots and lots of domestic beer and cocktails to wash it all down.
Standard issue FOJ pre-babies...
When I found out I was pregnant with Hayes, it was 4 days before we were scheduled to go to the Palm Springs party house for a weekend of debauchery. We had multiple friends coming in from out of town and a weekend jam packed full of activities, all of which included booze. So cancelling was not an option and being that I was so newly prego, telling our friends the reasoning behind my lack of drinking wasn't either. So I put on the best performance of my life and pretended all weekend to be right there with the others - I "nursed" beers at the game, "took shots" at bars, and drank a whole lot of "vodka" sodas. It was a real blast... (can you sense my sarcasm?)?!

Anyways, since that FOJ, a few of the mainstays of our annual trips have also had babes of their own so the group as a whole has settled down quite a bit and Grant's Americana Fireworks Extravaganza  as it's aptly called has in essence, ceased to exist.

This year was by far the most mellow Independence Day I can remember and I think the lack of fireworks physically killed a part of Grant. Don't get me wrong, it was a good day - the boy woke up way too early, but we used that as an excuse to do a family breakfast at a local diner nearby. Following his am nap, we drove on over to Venice, lucked out on the parking sitch and spent a few hours with our Westside crew, then headed back home for pm naptime and had a late afternoon BBQ with a few friends.

Hayes helping himself to a domestic brew...
Hayes and Aunt LK...
Getting wiped out from all of the activity...
Hayes loved being the center of attention at the Venice party and logged in some pool time at home, which is always a hit. BBQ was aplenty and he enjoyed his very first chocolate covered strawberry (homemade, courtesy of his Aunt Tina), which I literally had to pry away from him.
Hayes and Uncle Josh...

This fruit is pretty.darn.tasty!
 He didn't miss the fireworks because he doesn't even know what they are. But his dad, who counts the 4th as his favorite day of the year, spent the evening running (I kid you not) from our front door to the back door in the hopes that he might be able to see some of the lit colors in the sky that were accompanying the booms we heard pretty consistently from about 8:30-10:30p. So sad ;-(

Alls I know is next years pyrotechnic spectacular better knock our socks off....

Hope you all had a good holiday!

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