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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Around here lately...

We had a pretty busy weekend, despite the fact that the boy was a little under the weather. I'm happy to report that the fever broke on Saturday and no nasty rash ensued (fingers crossed it still won't rear it's ugly head!) so I'm not sure if it was Roseola after all. Hayes definitely isn't 100% - he still has a snotty nose and is much more fussy and clingy with me especially (doesn't everyone want their mom when they're sick though?) - but he's slowly getting back to his old self.

We changed our plans a bit this weekend to accommodate the sicky, having a nice dinner in complete with our favorite Thai take-out on Friday night and going out with friends to indulge in a little DineLA on Saturday evening at a favorite restaurant of ours, Taste on Melrose. We also finally had a cocktail at a speakeasy we've been dying to go to for years, the Roger Room

Grant's aunt and her family are in town this week so on Sunday, we mosied on over to the Beverly Hills Hotel for a delicious poolside lunch and quick dip. As you can see, Hayes was right at home on the red carpet when we stumbled upon the step & repeat (did you know what's what the backdrops to red carpets are called?) for 'I'm a little Legend'.

So much attitude!
And Sunday night, we started a new tradition: eating dinner as a family. Grant and I are lucky in that Hayes is on a pretty predictable routine, going down to bed around 8p every night so we can enjoy a nice dinner and some couple time in front of the tube (even if most of the tube time consists of me watching the insides of my eyelids and Grant working on his laptop!). We rarely eat dinner with Hayes, usually feeding him hours before we sit down ourselves. So we promised that on Sundays, we would try to eat a bit earlier, either at home or out at a restaurant, so we could have at least one meal a week as a family.

This week, we decided to go across the street to a little cafe called 'Got Kosher', which is the strangest place, but oddly has the tastiest food. (Side note - to attempt to explain how strange it is, it's BYOB so we brought over a bottle of wine, poured a couple of glasses and were quickly informed that we couldn't drink that wine on the premises since it wasn't the right type of Kosher. Luckily we live right around the corner from a Jewish market that sells wine. That was definitely a first!) 
Anyways, Sunday nights are their special BBQ nights and I'm telling you, it was some of the best BBQ we've had in LA. Who would have thunk it?! Hayes finally got a bit of an appetite back (if you'd seen his eating habits this past week, you'd think he was trying to slim down for awards season) and we had a nice family dinner out - filled with ribs, BBQ chicken, baked beans, grilled veggies, cornbread, french fries and BBQ potatoes - just the three of us ;-)

Looking forward to some more al fresco family dinners this summer. Oh, and seeing a lot more of these buns. I cannot get enough!

Hey Dad, mind if I join you??
What I'll miss most about the Summer...

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