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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary, lovebirds!

Today marks my parents' 39th wedding anniversary. 39 years... wowsers!

They are currently on a transatlantic cruise aboard the Queen Mary II to celebrate the occasion. I spoke to them yesterday after they had embarked and they were already one bottle of champers down, so you know they're doing it right ;-)

I've always looked up to my parents and their rock solid relationship. 39 years is a long time to be married to someone. They had three children, who my mother made a career of raising (and after having one of my own, I have seen first hand how incredibly hard that would be - boss babies are a different breed of management!) while my father advanced his career, hopping from one continent to another. They've always exhibited a united front when it came to us girls, something I admire and try to emulate in our own parenting. They've worked hard and played hard - had their kids, contributed to society (and still are, of course), but have also been able to maintain their own social lives. And throughout all of that, they've stuck by each other's side and have always been genuinely in love.

My dad is a hopeless romantic, great with words and especially thoughtful on occasions like anniversaries and holidays. Every year, he gives my mother a nice piece of unique jewelry with a card on Christmas - it's usually the last gift that's opened that morning. And while the jewelry is always gorgeous, it's the words within the card that ultimately make my mother cry, every year. 

I can only hope that 34 years from now, Grant and I have that same kind of love for each other, same kind of passion for adventure and same spark, if you will, that Wayne and Penny exhibit on a daily basis.

Happy anniversary, you crazy kids!

New Years Eve, 2011, Aspen, CO

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