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Friday, July 13, 2012

Mornings are a whole lot tougher now that Mr. Hayes isn't going down for his nap until closer to noon. It's hard to keep a baby entertained, "work from home" and not have people think you're a lazy slug because you're still in your pajamas at 11am since you haven't had 5 minutes to shower! It's definitely an adjustment period for all parties involved.

The good news is that it's motivated me to do a little bit more with my day. Everyone says that during this challenging process of changing up the sleeping habits they've become accustomed to, the best thing to do is to keep them busy. So yesterday, instead of sitting around the house all morning, I threw on some work out clothes, dusted off the old BOB and took Hayes for a run.  He took a marathon nap when we got home (I'm talking close to 3 hours,  people!) and when he woke up, we went and met our friends Liz and Ollie at the park for a very late lunch, followed by some shopping at the Grove. By the time we got home, it was already close to 5p so no need for another nap and relatively little time to kill before starting the dinner/bedtime routine. It actually worked out quite well!
When Hayes woke up from his marathon nap: check out that bedhead and those rosy cheeks...
...and the creases on his belly! I would KILL to have a sleep like that!
This morning, we had a late start (Hayes is about to sprout a few more teeth so we were up from 5:30-7a, hence the need to sleep in a bit) but we quickly had brekkie and got dressed, then drove on over to Brentwood for a new kids' class we signed up for. Although the commute there and back was kind of a pain, Hayes loved the Rockin' Railroad music class. We haven't really been able to take any classes the past couple of months because he was napping so darn much, so this is definitely another silver lining to bringing it down to one a day.
A quick shot of this morning's Rockin' Railroad class. Hayes was a little apprehensive when we first got there and stuck to my side for the first half, but once he got a bit more comfortable, he assumed his position at the head of the class. 
 This weekend, cousin Max and DeLane are coming to town so we're looking forward to spending some QT with them. Tonight, we're going to a new Mexican tapas restaurant, La Otra Taqueria Escquela with our friends, the Blakes. And tomorrow, the Cohen Kibbutz is transforming into Chez Cohen as we host our second Summer Saturday - a french celebration of Bastille Day - complete with lots of steak frites, brie, macarons and champagne cocktails.

So, in the spirit of that, I say Bon Weekend, mes amis!

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