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Thursday, July 26, 2012

My loves...

Borrowing an idea from another blog I follow, Cupcakes and Cashmere, I've decided to a variation of Emily's 5 Things with a weekly (hopefully!) post about my loves... In it, I'll post 5 or so things I'm really loving these days, whether it be food, people, books, style - whatever strikes my fancy!

A fresh mani/pedi is the easiest thing to do to make yourself feel clean and add a little indulgence to your day. This morning, I opted for the classic Essie Marshmallow on my fingers and Glamour Purse (upper left) on my toes.

A favorite lunch resto of ours, Tender Greens used to have the most delicious lemon cupcakes you've ever had. Sadly, they stopped selling them but I've been on the hunt for a similar recipe ever since. Although they aren't cupcakes, these lemon melting moments look divine and might be able to satisfy my craving for a refreshing lemon treat!

 I know I'm a little behind with this obsession but I am about to finish the first of the Hunger Games books and am excited to see what's in store next for Katniss Everdeen. My MIL is bringing books 2 and 3 up for me this weekend and I can't wait to dive in!

Cannot get enough of the colored skinnies this season (I'm currently sporting a green pair in the office today) and am loving the menswear smoking shoe trend that's going to be big again this Fall. Need to stop by Tootsies and pick up another pair - I've got my eye on a velvet number that has a large crest.

This guy... Can't believe he's 17 months today! Check out his pics from the last month, which include another haircut (and temporary mullet!), 4th of July, meeting Elmo at a birthday party, spending time with his buds and celebrating Bastille Day.

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