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Monday, July 16, 2012

My old man turns a young 64 today and him and my mom are living it up across the pond in Londontown.
Happy birthday Dad!

Apres-ski in Aspen, March 2010
Our Bastille Day party was a hit and everyone had a magnifique time! I think our neighbors might think we're a bit looney tunes, but imho, there's nothing wrong with being a little festive. Hayes had a complete ball with his buddies at the party and spent a good hour and a half soaking in his private pool. Best $8 I've ever spent!

Euro Ollie, or Olivier, as we called him all day...
Horsing around with Gavin...
Kisses for Gavin... Turns out Hayes is quite the lover of other children. He couldn't get enough hugs and kisses in. So cute!
 Our next Summer Saturday in August is supposed to be a Southern-themed crawfish boil. Unfortunately, neither one of us has the faintest clue how to cook crawfish so a part of me is concerned that all of the attendees will be leaving with a case of food poisoning, the other part of me is excited for the challenge. So if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to leave 'em here!

Hope you all have a great week!

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