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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A weekend with the Greats!

Tomorrow, the boy and I are flying solo up to Oakland, where we're meeting the huz and heading to one of my favorite places: Angel's Camp.

I know I've talked about Angel's Camp before; we go there every Thanksgiving with Grant's mom's side of the family. Grant's grandparents - so Hayzey's Greats - live up there full-time and I absolutely love it. They live in an adorable house right on a sprawling golf course, perfect for an 18 month old toddler to let loose. And Angel's Camp and it's surrounding towns are cute and quaint; they feel like they're from another, simpler time - cute cafes, movie theaters without all the bells and whistles, lots of foliage. Neighboring town Murphy even has an area where you can pan for gold, make your own candles and ride a horse drawn carriage - what more could a kid want?!

Grant and I decided it would be fun to head up there for the weekend just the three of us, so Hayes could spend some serious quality time with his Great Grandparents. We recognize how incredibly lucky Hayes is to have three of his four Greats not only still alive, but still alive and very well (I swear, they could pass for 15-20 years younger than they all are) and we want him to spend as much time with them as possible. 

I'm looking forward to a nice and relaxing weekend and praying that I can handle Hayes on my own tomorrow at the airport. Babies travel with a lot of stuff and I only have so many arms! Assuming I'm able to maneuver the car seat, stroller, diaper bag and suitcase - not to mention the 30 lb ball of energy that comes along with it all! - I should be okay. I've got a lunch box packed full of every snack imaginable and binkies on hand, so the quick flight up there should be easy peasy - keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Hope y'all have a great Labor Day weekend. 
I promise to take lots of pics for some lengthy posts next week ;-)


Monday, August 27, 2012

A day at the beach...

Yesterday, we headed on down to Laguna Beach to spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa. 

The boy snoozed in the car the entire way down, which made for a nice and peaceful ride for Mom and Dad (one week until we turn that damn car seat around - praying it helps!). After a quick pit stop at Tootsies, where I refreshed my Fall wardrobe with some essential shoes and purses (thanks again, Nini!), we headed to the beach for a picnic lunch and some time in the sand.

Hayes has been to the beach a couple of times in his life, but doesn't quite know what to think about it. You see, the problem is, he HATES having his hands dirty. As soon as he gets a speck of dirt on his hands, he runs over, palms wide open, whining for you to wipe it off. Turns out, he feels the same way about having his feet dirty, which, as you all know, makes going to the beach tricky since keeping your hands and feet sand-free is a near impossibility. So it took him a little while to get used to the idea of sandy toes and he mostly sat on my lap for the first hour or so, a little landlocked on the towel we'd laid out. 

He eventually warmed up to the idea of the beach and we ventured down towards the water. He played in the sand using the only shell we could find and even got up the courage to dip his toes into the water (with the help of Grandpa). My objective was to take it as slow as we could so he could ease into it and find his comfort zone. I'm confident that in no time, he'll be a happy beach bum but it was clear to us yesterday that we need to get him to the sand and surf a little more often!

After a failed attempt at an afternoon nap (in his defense, not only was he in a foreign place but a small earthquake occurred while we were trying to get him to sleep!), we headed to the pool at the grandparents, where he splashed around for a couple of hours. He LOVED it - we had a hard time pulling him away at the end of the day. We're definitely looking forward to some more pool time up in Angel's Camp next weekend when we go up to see the Greats; we might even test out some water wings!

We ate dinner at my absolute favorite Italian resto, Modo Mio before heading back up to LA. Hayes was pooped (the lack of afternoon nap definitely didn't make dinner easy, but luckily the grandparents happily kept the boy entertained while Grant and I shoveled mouthfuls of their delicious gnocchi pesto in our mouths) but I think he had a great day down South and it was the perfect way to celebrate his 18 month birthday ;-) Sigh, my little guy is getting so big!
Check out the pictures from the last month. It was a busy one, filled with a visit from Auntie V and a trip to the zoo, lots of backyard BBQs and fun in the pool and his very first helicopter ride! I also included the pics from last week's visit to DC. Enjoy!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Auntie Love...

I've spent the last couple of days soaking in some serious loving from my favorite nephews. 
Hankster is a little ball of energy who floats from room to room, his feet barely touching the ground as he's so excited to get from one place to another. He's repeating EVERYTHING, which is absolutely adorable but also very dangerous! His kisses are precious, his giggles are absolutely contagious and it's a whole new world being able to communicate with a kiddo who can communicate back to you. Makes me even more excited for when Hayzey decides to start talking.

Gussy Goose is naturally, the complete opposite. I don't think I've ever met a babe so chill - all he does is sleep, which I'm sure will change in no time but I forgot how easy it was to do things with a newborn without having to forever be waiting for the imminent meltdown. His snuggles make him hard to put down and I want to bottle up this fleeting time and soak in every second. He's got little wrinkly chicken legs and feet the size of my thumbs, not to mention that infectious baby smell. Newborns are the.best.

I'm headed back to LA tomorrow am to see my guys, who I've missed dearly. Will try to resume some sense of normal blogging next week as I know I've been slacking.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Off to DC...

Tomorrow morning, I'm off to meet this guy...

I can't wait to get some newbie snuggles in with my Gussy Goose, as well as visit with the rest of the fam and spend some QT with my first born nephew. My parents will be there the first night I arrive so it'll be nice to see them as well. We haven't seen any of the Maillouxes since Memorial Day - it kills me that we're so far!

Hayzey and Uncle Grant will have to wait until next time to meet the newest member of the fam. They're staying behind for some boy bonding. Daddy has lots of plans for dinners out at local restaurants, baseball games and staying up late eating junk food and watching sports. I wish him the best of luck!

We do have a Saturday am playdate at a pre-school that we toured a few weeks ago. Hayes will be too young for pre-school for quite some time (the starting age is typically 2 years, 9 months and he'll only be 2 1/2 next September), but we're looking into a Mommy/Nanny & Me program that would get his foot in the door for a toddler program next Fall. They do a playdate with the parents and teacher before the session begins and unfortunately, it happens to fall when I'll be en route back from DC. Grant is going to take the boy solo on Saturday and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Around here lately...

I've been busy as a bee lately, gearing up for one of Nissan's biggest events, a huge bike race happening next week in Colorado called the USA Pro Challenge. So I apologize for the blog silence and figured I'd give y'all a quick snapshot of life around here lately...

Waking up from his nap on the wrong side of the bed... Life is so rough!
Fun at Roxbury Park...
Being a silly goose...
Meeting his second cousins, Kiera and Lindsay for the first time and charming Lindsay with his reverse choke hold...
Loving watermelon this Summer - we think it feels good on his gums!

Friday, August 10, 2012

My Loves...

Really loving these bib necklaces that are all the rage as of late. Paired with a simple white tank and skinny jeans or shorts, this one would accentuate the slightest summer tan. 

Strawberry Watermelon Mojitos (recipe found here). It has been an absolute scorcher in LA this week and what is more refreshing than a delicious slice of watermelon? Mix in some strawberries, mint, rum and club soda and you've got yourself the perfect summer cocktail!

A shady picnic sounds nice right about now. We've got the perfect backyard for an alfresco lunch and the added bonus of not having to go anywhere in the car with Hayes, who has recently decided it's his least favorite place in the world (seriously at my wits end!). This large beach blanket looks like it could comfortably fit the whole fam and has been added to my lust list - would be great for the park, beach, or to use as it's original intention when the LA sun goes down and it gets a little chilly.

My fabulous mother-in-law has temporarily satiated my need for a pair of menswear inspired smoking slippers by bringing these perfect transitional cuties up for me this week. They're by Splendid, the company known for their deliciously soft clothing (Hayes has the best jammies from Splendid kids) and once the weather cools down a bit and I can start embracing early Fall, these will definitely be incorporated into the rotation.

It's one of my besties birthdays tomorrow and we're off to Palm Springs for an adults only mini-vacay. We're staying at a new hotel called The Saguaro and I'm looking forward to setting up camp in the pool with a refreshing bevvie in hand for the next couple of days. 

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Everybody's got 'em. I, for one, have always had a hard time identifying certain favorites. Books, for instance. Or movies. Or songs. There are just so many of them! But other favorites come easier. Favorite color? Always been green. Favorite animal? A cat. Favorite ice cream? Well that's a toss up between chocolate chip cookie dough and coffee.

Hayes is a mature 17.5 months now, with very refined tastes. And naturally, he's got some favorites. Some he makes more known than others (ahem, MNC). Others are favorites I've picked up on. Figured it would be nice to keep a list of his current faves here, which I'll update every once in awhile so we can look back and see how his tastes change...

Favorite comfort item: His beloved binks.
Favorite friend: Gavin.
Favorite TV show: Yo Gabba Gabba.
Favorite toy: His golf clubs (Grant swells with pride)
Favorite non-baby item: The broom or swiffer.
Favorite activity at home: Going through wallets and purses.
Favorite activity at the park: Playing in the sand. Hayes isn't a huge fan of the slide or swings, surprisingly.
Favorite sport: Anything that involves a moving ball, but he seems particularly fascinated with basketball.
Favorite books: The 'Where is Baby's?' series, by Karen Katz.
Favorite fruit: Frozen grapes.
Favorite food: Hands down, mac and cheese (or MNC as we've taken to calling it around here), as evidenced by the below videos.

Monday, August 6, 2012

My Newest Love...

Joy oh joy, it's another boy!!

Angus Wayne Kelly ("Gus", or Lil Wayne as we've been calling him round here) was anxious to get the work week started this morning when he arrived very ahead of schedule in a nice and speedy delivery for Mom. 

Weighing in at 6 lbs 11 oz and 19 inches long, we are over the moon to welcome another baby boy to the Mailloux brood (even though I was pretty sure it was going to be a girl!).
Can't wait to meet the lil man in a few weeks ;-)

Welcome Gus!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Bring on the Weekend!

We don't have a lot of plans this weekend, just staying local and enjoying the long summer days and (hopefully!) warm summer nights.

On tap?:

...we enjoyed La Otra Taqueria Escuela so much a couple of weeks ago that tonight, we're doing date night there. My mouth is already watering for their pork rib tacos and I plan on ordering a bowl of watermelon sorbet for dessert - the most delicious I've ever had!
...getting a little deeper into my newest book, Catching Fire.
...a late afternoon BBQ at our friends, Jodie and Omer's new house tomorrow afternoon. We're packing up the mini-Vilebrequins and Hayes is going to spend some QT with his buddy Gavin, horsing around in their backyard and cooling off in the baby pool. It'll be nice to kick back and not have to host for once!
...our neighbor's fifth birthday party. They'll be a little older but Hayes adores watching and playing with other kids these days. 
...hitting the seasonal LF Store sale - my absolute fave!
...anxiously waiting by the phone for news of our newest family member's debut. My sister's due date was moved up a couple of days and I can't stop thinking about how my new niece or nephew will be here any day now!
...early Sunday dinner with the grandparents. They need their Hayes fix so they're going to join us for our new Sunday tradition.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Loves...

Loving the Summer Olympics, particularly mens swimming and of course, gymnastics. Ryan Lochte is a bit of a meat head but his boyish charm makes him easy to root for, not to mention the fact that he's one of the Masters in Nissan's Innovation for Endurance program I work on. Go Team USA!

Now that Hayes is a little older, I'm thinking it might be fun to get a couple of beach cruisers, complete with baby seat to zip around town in. I pretty much loathe running, so a bike ride around the neighborhood would be a far less painful way to get a bit of exercise on those hectic days I can't make it to the gym. A beauty like this is definitely on my current lust list.

 Loving the easy, messy bun look that's of the moment. 
Such a simple, no-frills hairdo for the hot summer.

Where-oh-where is my Wailua Wheat? My favorite brew from Kona Brew Co is light and refreshing and has the slightest hint of passion fruit. It's a seasonal beer and usually by now I've located it and bought out the grocery store. I'm making it my weekend mission to track down a six pack.

What better time than the Summer to play hookie? And what better place than poolside at the Roosevelt Hotel? ;-)

Wordless Wednesday...