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Monday, August 27, 2012

A day at the beach...

Yesterday, we headed on down to Laguna Beach to spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa. 

The boy snoozed in the car the entire way down, which made for a nice and peaceful ride for Mom and Dad (one week until we turn that damn car seat around - praying it helps!). After a quick pit stop at Tootsies, where I refreshed my Fall wardrobe with some essential shoes and purses (thanks again, Nini!), we headed to the beach for a picnic lunch and some time in the sand.

Hayes has been to the beach a couple of times in his life, but doesn't quite know what to think about it. You see, the problem is, he HATES having his hands dirty. As soon as he gets a speck of dirt on his hands, he runs over, palms wide open, whining for you to wipe it off. Turns out, he feels the same way about having his feet dirty, which, as you all know, makes going to the beach tricky since keeping your hands and feet sand-free is a near impossibility. So it took him a little while to get used to the idea of sandy toes and he mostly sat on my lap for the first hour or so, a little landlocked on the towel we'd laid out. 

He eventually warmed up to the idea of the beach and we ventured down towards the water. He played in the sand using the only shell we could find and even got up the courage to dip his toes into the water (with the help of Grandpa). My objective was to take it as slow as we could so he could ease into it and find his comfort zone. I'm confident that in no time, he'll be a happy beach bum but it was clear to us yesterday that we need to get him to the sand and surf a little more often!

After a failed attempt at an afternoon nap (in his defense, not only was he in a foreign place but a small earthquake occurred while we were trying to get him to sleep!), we headed to the pool at the grandparents, where he splashed around for a couple of hours. He LOVED it - we had a hard time pulling him away at the end of the day. We're definitely looking forward to some more pool time up in Angel's Camp next weekend when we go up to see the Greats; we might even test out some water wings!

We ate dinner at my absolute favorite Italian resto, Modo Mio before heading back up to LA. Hayes was pooped (the lack of afternoon nap definitely didn't make dinner easy, but luckily the grandparents happily kept the boy entertained while Grant and I shoveled mouthfuls of their delicious gnocchi pesto in our mouths) but I think he had a great day down South and it was the perfect way to celebrate his 18 month birthday ;-) Sigh, my little guy is getting so big!
Check out the pictures from the last month. It was a busy one, filled with a visit from Auntie V and a trip to the zoo, lots of backyard BBQs and fun in the pool and his very first helicopter ride! I also included the pics from last week's visit to DC. Enjoy!

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