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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Everybody's got 'em. I, for one, have always had a hard time identifying certain favorites. Books, for instance. Or movies. Or songs. There are just so many of them! But other favorites come easier. Favorite color? Always been green. Favorite animal? A cat. Favorite ice cream? Well that's a toss up between chocolate chip cookie dough and coffee.

Hayes is a mature 17.5 months now, with very refined tastes. And naturally, he's got some favorites. Some he makes more known than others (ahem, MNC). Others are favorites I've picked up on. Figured it would be nice to keep a list of his current faves here, which I'll update every once in awhile so we can look back and see how his tastes change...

Favorite comfort item: His beloved binks.
Favorite friend: Gavin.
Favorite TV show: Yo Gabba Gabba.
Favorite toy: His golf clubs (Grant swells with pride)
Favorite non-baby item: The broom or swiffer.
Favorite activity at home: Going through wallets and purses.
Favorite activity at the park: Playing in the sand. Hayes isn't a huge fan of the slide or swings, surprisingly.
Favorite sport: Anything that involves a moving ball, but he seems particularly fascinated with basketball.
Favorite books: The 'Where is Baby's?' series, by Karen Katz.
Favorite fruit: Frozen grapes.
Favorite food: Hands down, mac and cheese (or MNC as we've taken to calling it around here), as evidenced by the below videos.

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