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Friday, September 7, 2012

18 month check-up!

Good news - No need to schedule the speech therapist quite yet! We had our 18 month appointment this morning and the doctor says that based on the fact that Hayes has great receptive language (that's being able to understand many words without actually saying them) and because he babbles and can imitate sounds when we ask him to (most notably Nana, Mama and Bye), there's no need to worry about that whole speech thing quite yet. Phew! We'll re-visit the issue if he still has no words at 2 years so we've got a whole 6 months to work on that!

Hayes now weighs 27.4 lbs (up 1 lb from his 15 month appointment - probably would have been more but he's had little appetite this week as he's been fighting off a virus) and measures 33 inches long (1.75 inches longer than last time). His head is 19.5 inches (.25 inches more than our last appointment). He's 50-75th percentile in weight and height, although even our doctor was surprised at that - he just looks so darn big!

We had a few shots - DPT, Hepatitis A and Flu (and Mom and Dad also got their flu nasal sprays - Cohens are ready for flu season!) and he handled them like a champ. We celebrated by having mac and cheese and lobster cobb salads at McCormick and Schmick's for lunch afterwards ;-)

We're laying low this weekend, getting some stuff done around the house as it's one of the only weekends we're in town this month. On the agenda?:

...date night at Angelini Osteria this evening. Can't wait for their signature lasagne and a good bottle of vino - yum!
...intimate backyard BBQ with some friends tomorrow afternoon. Gotta enjoy this warm weather while it lasts!
...I'm hoping to organize my closet, specifically my jewelry shelf/drawer. I'm inspired by this blogger's post on her closet - seems much more inviting and practical than the tangled mess I have going on in there right now!
...in the spirit of organization, I'm hoping to go through Hayzey's closet as well, retiring some of the clothes our growing boy isn't fitting into anymore (sniffle, sniffle...)
...resuming our Sunday family night dinners. We've taken the past couple of weeks off and I want to make sure this is a tradition that sticks!
 Hope y'all have a good weekend!

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