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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hayes-isms - 19 months

It's been awhile since I've posted some Hayes-isms and there's lots to report. It seems like even in just the past couple of weeks, our little guy has grown up SO much. He is such a little man now!

...he fully understands the concept of something ending and waving goodbye. He waves to EVERYTHING - whether it's leaving his binkies on the shelf when he wakes up, a clerk at the grocery store, the house as we pull away in the car. I've seen him blow kisses to a pair of shoes on more than one occasion.
...WE HAVE SOME WORDS!!! Finally, the kid is speaking! His official first word was "nana" for banana. We're also saying "buh bye", "mama", "dada", "ha" (for hot) and we've heard murmurs of "more" once or twice (although his baby sign language for that word is far cuter - and used very frequently!).
Turns out, the kid isn't a mute after all!
...he loves to dance. His signature move looks something along the lines of what you envision 'tapping that ass' to look like, one arm up in the air, the other waving back and forth. All class around here!
...he started school last week. Well, it's a parent & me class at a pre-school down the street but they go off of a school curriculum/schedule and I happen to be the homeroom mom (how adult of me!) so it sure feels like school! It's just him and 3 other little ladies so he's definitely the BMOC.
...he's taken to using the potty before his evening bath and is so proud of himself after he goes, he gives himself a round of applause. We are encouraged and think this means he's definitely on the right track with that whole potty training thing.
...it's true what they say, kissing boo boos make them feel much better, specifically when they're kissed by your Mom. Hayes is aware of this. I'm glad it seems to ease the pain ;-)
...he's figured out how to break open our child safety locks on the cabinets. Sweet.
...he's old enough now that he'll sit through longer books at bedtime. For the first time in his life, I was able to read him "Love You Forever", a personal favorite of mine, cover to cover while he sat in my lap. I loved that.
...the kid has more hair than we know what to do with. I seriously think he could use a haircut every week. We're trying to think of something he can be for Halloween based on his signature hair (because of course, he won't tolerate a hat) - any suggestions??

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