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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Festivities

This weekend was chock full of Halloween festivities for the boy. Thursday kicked off the shenanigans with my annual office Halloween party. Unfortunately, Hayes' Halloween costume still hadn't arrived (it literally got delivered while we were at the party - argh!) but he was still the cutest skeleton around in his makeshift plan b costume:

Uh oh... someone found the secret stash!
Saturday afternoon was his pre-school's Fall Festival, complete with a trunk-or-treat, lots of pumpkin and cookie decorating stations, skits and Halloween parade. It took a little coaxing to get Hayes into his costume but after bribing him with a Reeses PB Cup (can you blame him for not being able to resist?!), he reluctantly put it on and didn't seem to be too bothered by it for the next couple hours. 

I don't wanna wear this ridiculous costume!
Okay... not so bad accompanied by the sweet taste of peanut butter and chocolate...
Oh just take the GD picture...
He's still a little young to really understand what Halloween is really about so he wasn't too bothered by the trunk-or-treat (much to his parents' dismay - we wanted candy!). He had a great time playing with the cars and basketball hoop and showing his parents around his school digs. 

Pumpkin decorating...
Cookie decorating... Mama decorated, Hayzey consumed.
Who says chickens can't jump?!

Unfortunately we forgot to snap a family pic, but thanks to some serious sweet talking on Grant's behalf, we were able to dress up like El Pollo Loco employees to complete this year's theme. A little twisted that the jist of the costume meant that we were going to eat our child, but people thought it was a hoot and if there were an award for best family costume, I think we would have won it, hands down!

Pretty much sums up the afternoon. We try to sneak the hat on, Hayes rips it off...
Best view in the house for the teachers' skit...
I feel a bit bad bragging about the sweet weather we've been having with everything going on over on the East Coast, but Sunday was just too perfect to pass up a quick trip to the beach, which capped off our weekend (which also included a lovely hike) quite nicely. Gotta love LA in October!

In other news, we had our very first Parent-Teacher conference yesterday and besides a little bit of concern about Hayes' lack of speech, he received a glowing review from his teacher, Patricia. He was described as sweet, gentle, generous, non-confrontational and quite the looker. Mom and Dad have some homework though - we need to keep a list of all of the words he's saying and encourage him to ask for what he wants rather than succumb to his whiny points and gestures - but Patricia thinks that will help him with his speech development and we'll revisit the issue in January. So, no news we weren't expecting and overall, it was a very positive meeting - way to go Hayzey!

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