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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Loves (and an Editor's note!)

Before I start this post, I wanted to clarify something about my vows. It seems the term "...make nook readily available" is a little confusing to some (ahem Mom and Dad!). It does NOT mean what one might think (let your mind wander there...); the word "nook" to Grant and me is the space between your shoulder and underarm, where one would nestle their head in order to receive the head scratch I reference in the next line. Period. End of story!

Now that we got that cleared up, here are some of My Loves this week:
It is still blazing hot in LA right now - Mother Nature obviously didn't get the memo that Fall has arrived on the West Coast. I'm dreaming of hearty comfort food and as soon as the weather dips below 70 (that's technically cold, right?), I plan on making these delicious looking turkey meatballs in spicy basil tomato sauce with burrata. Yum!

 I'm on the hunt for some cute vintage tea cups and saucers - perfect for storing delicate jewelry!

 Chevron and poufs? Need I say more?

Quite possibly the most perfect Halloween candy ever. Hoping Hayes gets some of these trick-or-treating!

Another day, another tear-jerking (but so true) article about making sure you literally stay in the picture when it comes to documenting all of the memories in your child's life. I love to take pictures (is that really news to you?) but I'm usually behind the camera, not in front of it. I'm hoping that with the arrival of Mr. iPhone 5, the hubby will embrace the camera functionality and take some more pics of me and Hayzey. Because even if I'm in dire need of getting my highlights done and Hayes is in dire need of the bottom inch of his bangs, it's fun to look back on what you looked like during different stages of your lives. I smell a new year's resolution coming on...

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  1. 1) I too love chevron. And poufs. Match made in heaven.
    2) HIGHLARIOUS about Hayes needing the bottom inch of his bangs - so Lloyd Christmas right there.