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Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Weekend!

We kicked off the weekend with a visit to Dr. Sabeti for Hayes' 21 month appointment. She could not have been more complimentary about our boy, who now weighs in at 28.4 lbs and measures 34 inches, with a head circumference of 19 3/4. She said he was growing wonderfully and that she wasn't concerned about his speech anymore (he's up to about 20 words now, the latest being "duh" for duck). He's definitely a little bit delayed compared to his peers, but he's progressing along nicely and she's confident he'll catch up eventually. She said that she's had patients who didn't really start talking a whole bunch until they were 4 years old (usually boys) - hopefully it won't be quite that long until our chatterbox has more real words and less Hayzey babble but it was nice to see that it wasn't a concern to her anymore.

We're laying low this weekend, having dinner with some friends tonight at our fave Italian, Angelini Osteria and hoping to decorate our Christmas tree tomorrow. It's a wet and dreary weekend in LA so I'm looking forward to lots of time by the fireplace, snuggled under a warm fur blanket with my loves. 
Here are Hayzey's 21 month pics to get your weekend started. Enjoy!
21 Month Pics

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